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Week 37: Denain-$75k, Madrid-$10k

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Denain $75,000:
* Caroline Maes
* Debbrich Feys

Madrid $10,000:
* Jennifer Debodt

Good luck! :bounce: ;)
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Debbrich received a WC for the quallies :D but she has a tough draw :(

1st round qualifying:

Maes Caroline vs Nagy Kyra
Feys Debbrich vs (6) Lamade Bianka
You missed Debbrich too! She's playing quallies in Denain. She drew 6-Bianka Lamade in the first round!
ahhh :fiery: bitch! :p You beat me to it! :p :angel:
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No worries, it will be a good experience for Debbrich! :D
Denain $75.000
Q1 Nagy def. Maes 6-2 5-7 6-3 :sad:
Q1 Lamade def. Feys 2-6 6-3 6-4 :sad: but the scoreline is even better than I thought it would be :)
That's a great scoreline from Debbrich, even if she lost! :D

Poor Caroline!
LOL @ Elke!! :D ;)

Btw, she seems tall! Anyone who knows her height?
Denain doubles R1:
WC BACQUET, Emilie / FEYS, Debbrich vs DELOBELLE, Servane / HEITZ, Anne-Laure
WC MAES, Caroline / VEDY, Aurelie vs COHEN-ALORO, Stephanie / FORETZ, Stephanie
Debodt is hot ;) :hehehe:
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Rhythmboy said:
Debodt is hot ;) :hehehe:
she is??? :confused:

I find her cheeks too chubby
So are Anna Kournikova's, Arne ;)

It's funny how Caroline & Debbrich got WCs for the $75k in Denain. They chose the good partners :angel:
Yes, even playing with Bacquet can be something positive :p:p
wait, debodt is the one on the left rigth? If not I withdraw my previous post :p
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