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Wednesday score

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Did anybody has the info yet?

I am trying to call Taskent tennis federation in Singapore to get the direct number...

If somebody knows...pls p[ost it here and I will call them for you...
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twight6 said:
These are the results i know, hope it helps!

First Round:

Parra d. Sucha 64,64
Ad. Serra Zanetti d. Qualifier (i'm not sure who this is): 63,60
The Qualifier is Okamoto ;)
Congrats Vivi :D
Patricia :( :(

Kostanic :)
masha :( :mad:
yulia :sad: :(
:) Jie,Pascual,
:( Maria K,
Arancha :woohoo: :banana:

jelena :D but it should have been easier...
Zheng :D
Masha :(
Yulia :sad: I bet she choked in the 2nd, typical of her :rolleyes:
Jie :D tough one, you have to play better next
Angie :mad: :rolleyes:
Heres the number to the official hotel, ask for a tennis table there, cuz theres always somebody sitting from 8am till 10pm. They can give you all the info, and if not, they will give you the best number to reach whoever you need. They speak ok english.
+998-71-134-0101 or 8585 in the end.
Hope this helps
Iroda hada surgery, Panova is back practicing as much as she can, I think we will see her soon
61 - 73 of 73 Posts
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