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Wednesday score

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Did anybody has the info yet?

I am trying to call Taskent tennis federation in Singapore to get the direct number...

If somebody knows...pls p[ost it here and I will call them for you...
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Arantxa!!!!! ;) :bounce: :bounce:
Vivi-Foretz score???
Blind Guardian said:
Vivi won easily
Thanks; score?
Blind Guardian said:
V. Ruano Pascual 6 6
S. Foretz 3 1

Vivi :worship:
twight6 said:
These are the results i know, hope it helps!

First Round:

Parra d. Sucha 64,64
Ad. Serra Zanetti d. Qualifier (i'm not sure who this is): 63,60
The Qualifier is Okamoto ;)
1 - 5 of 73 Posts
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