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Didn’t watch closely because of Naomi’s match but good to see Emma get a routine win, even if it’s against Chirico. Hopefully, she was hitting with depth and purpose, two qualities that have been missing in her groundies since almost a year ago now…
In the second set she was. In the first set she was too nervous, and passive because of that. She honestly admitted it in the press conference.
Once she got going in the second, it was over for Chirico.
Not the prettiest of matches from Emma (except the last 4-5 games), but in the end, looking at the scoreline, she routined the qualifier, as she should.
Her level wasn’t good at all at the beginning, but it was actually really good in the last 4 games, hitting with pace and aggression. She couldn’t bring it at the beginning due to nerves, by her own admission…but hopefully she’s now more settled into the tournament. She needs match time, this was her first singles match since Wimbledon (when she also wasn’t fully fit, but now she is).
She just needs to bring that from the start vs Osorio.
But she will be fully aware of that and will try her best to do so.
Glad she got an easier R1 opponent to remove the rust and settle nerves.
On to the next round!
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