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was at Marys matches today

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I also was at marys matches and i got my pic with her adn her autograph, shes incredible, her doubles with nadia was great, shes so postiive, and she wore a nice light blue outfit, the singles was incredible, i was like 3 rows behind from her seat and it was awesomeshe blasts the ball so hard, and i loved every mintue of it, havwe pics, and once everythign is developed ill post all mymary pics and mine from the pilot pen!!! shes got a great shot at the quarters, i saw myskina play and it was ugly!!!
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I agree that Myskina's game is awful. I sow her in Sopot this year and i was bored to death. Mary plays much, much better then her, so I am not worried if those two meet in 4th round. :devil: :devil: :devil:
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