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Was at her matches today...

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fellow fans, good stuff today - day of comebacks in both singles and was incredible. i dont think her fitness ever was the issue, it was her head. when she lost that match point in the second, her body language and everything went south. then, at 1-5, it was like she was in a far away zone. kind of played with a blank face and kicked some butt.

would like to see her come to the net more. she served well. unforced errors are getting fewer. fitness did not hurt her today. good stuff.
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Thanks so much for the comments - sounds like Mary is getting back to her best!
I am happy for you. Watching such a match is a big
honour. I hope Mary will not be to tired for next rounds.

:bounce: GOOD LUCK MARRY :bounce:
:worship: YOU ARE MY QUEEN :worship:
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