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Surface: Hard - Outdoor

Last Years Winners

2011 ($25k) : (4)Michelle Larcher De Brito (POR) d. (3)Madison Brengle (USA) 36 64 61
2012 ($25k) : Julia Boserup (USA) d. (wc)Lauren Davis (USA) 60 63
2013 ($25k) : (6)Madison Brengle (USA) d. (2)Nicole Gibbs (USA) 61 64
2014 ($25k) : (5)Tamira Paszek (AUT) d. Shuko Aoyama (JPN) 61 61
2015 ($25k) : (6)Catherine Bellis (USA) d. (4)Maria Sanchez (USA) 62 60
2016 ($25k) : (1)Shuai Zhang (CHN) d. Vania King (USA) 16 75 64
2017 ($25k) : Bianca Andreescu (CAN) d. (1)Kayla Day (USA) 64 61
2018 ($25k) : Asia Muhammad (USA) d. (2)Kurumi Nara (JPN) 64 26 76(3)
2019 ($25k) : (2)Nicole Gibbs (USA) d. (5)Kristie Ahn (USA) 63 63
2020 ($25k) : (3)Xiaodi You (CHN) d. (5)Rebecca Sramkova (SVK) 64 76(5)

Acceptance List

2021 Draws
Singles Qualifying Draw

(1)En Shuo Liang (TPE) d. (wc)Abigail Forbes (USA) 62 63
(13)Maegan Manasse (USA) d. Bojana Marinkovic (SRB) 62 61

(wc)Katie Codd (USA) d. (2)Conny Perrin (SUI) 75 63
(12)Tereza Mihalikova (SVK) d. Erica Oosterhout (USA) 63 76(4)

(3)Marine Partaud (FRA) d. Sophia Bursulaya (USA) 62 61
(wc)Tamara Arnold (SUI) d. (16)Laetitia Pulchartova (CZE) 26 61 10-5

(4)Tara Moore (GBR) d. Elizabeth Goldsmith (USA) 62 62
(11)Elvina Kalieva (USA) d. Theresa Papikian (USA) w.o.

(wc)Katherine Hui (USA) d. (5)Risa Ushijima (JPN) 62 63
(14)Dalayna Hewitt (USA) d. Leslie Rose (USA) w.o.

(6)Ellie Douglas (USA) d. (wc)Nicole Melichar (USA) 30 ret.
(10)Ashley Lahey (USA) d. Alexandra Osborne (AUS) 64 64

Haley Giavara (USA) d. (7)Tori Kinard (USA) 76(0) 64
(15)Chanelle Van Nguyen (USA) d. Shatoo Mohamad (USA) 60 62

(8)Jessie Aney (USA) d. Adriana Reami (USA) 16 63 10-8
(9)Ashlyn Krueger (USA) d. Vivian Wolff (USA) 63 61

Final Round

(13)Maegan Manasse (USA) d. (1)En Shuo Liang (TPE) 63 10 ret.
(12)Tereza Mihalikova (SVK) d. (wc)Katie Codd (USA) 60 64
(3)Marine Partaud (FRA) d. (wc)Tamara Arnold (SUI) 61 62
(11)Elvina Kalieva (USA) d. (4)Tara Moore (GBR) 64 62
(14)Dalayna Hewitt (USA) d. (wc)Katherine Hui (USA) 63 63
(6)Ellie Douglas (USA) d. (10)Ashley Lahey (USA) 64 62
Haley Giavara (USA) d. (15)Chanelle Van Nguyen (USA) 57 62 10-7
(9)Ashlyn Krueger (USA) d. (8)Jessie Aney (USA) 75 63

Singles Main Draw

(1)Rebecca Peterson (SWE) d. (wc)Hanna Chang (USA) 61 60
Mayo Hibi (JPN) d. (Q)Marine Partaud (FRA) 63 63
(SE)Emina Bektas (USA) d. (Q)Ashlyn Krueger (USA) 62 62
Lizette Cabrera (AUS) d. (7)Renata Zarazua (MEX) 62 62

(3)Madison Brengle (USA) d. (wc)Allie Kiick (USA) 60 62
Rebecca Marino (CAN) d. Maddison Inglis (AUS) 64 63
Kateryna Kozlova (UKR) d. (Q)Tereza Mihalikova (SVK) 75 62
(wc)Kayla Day (USA) d. (5)Misaki Doi (JPN) 36 64 63

(8)Polona Hercog (SLO) d. (wc)Jessica Failla (USA) 67(5) 63 75
(Q)Ellie Douglas (USA) d. (Q)Maegan Manasse (USA) 76(4) 36 62
(Q)Elvina Kalieva (USA) d. (Q)Dalayna Hewitt (USA) 75 16 62
(4)Zarina Diyas (KAZ) d. Leonie Kung (SUI) 60 61

(6)Kristina Kucova (SVK) d. (JE)Elsa Jacquemot (FRA) 46 64 62
(SR)Priscilla Hon (AUS) d. (Q)Haley Giavara (USA) 75 60
Arina Rodionova (AUS) d. Katarzyna Kawa (POL) 61 64
(2)Fiona Ferro (FRA) d. Caroline Dolehide (USA) 62 57 62

Second Round

(1)Rebecca Peterson (SWE) d. Mayo Hibi (JPN) 61 61
Lizette Cabrera (AUS) d. (SE)Emina Bektas (USA) 46 61 76(5)

(3)Madison Brengle (USA) d. Rebecca Marino (CAN) 61 62
Kateryna Kozlova (UKR) d. (wc)Kayla Day (USA) 26 63 62

(8)Polona Hercog (SLO) d. (Q)Ellie Douglas (USA) 64 62
(Q)Elvina Kalieva (USA) d. (4)Zarina Diyas (KAZ) 64 26 62

(6)Kristina Kucova (SVK) d. (SR)Priscilla Hon (AUS) 16 76(4) 76(4)
(2)Fiona Ferro (FRA) d. Arina Rodionova (AUS) 62 62


(1)Rebecca Peterson (SWE) d. Lizette Cabrera (AUS) 64 61
(3)Madison Brengle (USA) d. Kateryna Kozlova (UKR) 46 61 64

(Q)Elvina Kalieva (USA) d. (8)Polona Hercog (SLO) 64 63
(2)Fiona Ferro (FRA) d. (6)Kristina Kucova (SVK) 76(6) 36 64

Doubles Main Draw

(1)Kawa/Mihalikova (POL/SVK) d. Broomfield/Verner (CAN/USA) 64 61
Kung/Osborne (SUI/AUS) d. Arnold/Thamchaiwat (SUI/THA) 36 64 11-9
(4)Brengle/Inglis (USA/AUS) d. Pulchartova/Ushijima (CZE/JPN) 63 62
Kalieva/Krueger (USA/USA) d. Ferro/Jacquemot (FRA/FRA) w.o.

Kulikov/Valdes (USA/USA) d. Aney/H.Chang (USA/USA) 26 75 10-6
(3)Perrin/Zarazua (SUI/MEX) d. Cabrera/Hon (AUS/AUS) 67(5) 76(6) 10-5
(wc)Colling/Goldsmith (USA/USA) d. Giavara/Hewitt (USA/USA) 26 75 10-8
(2)Liang/Marino (TPE/CAN) d. Oosterhout/Partaud (USA/FRA) 62 64


(1)Kawa/Mihalikova (POL/SVK) d. Kung/Osborne (SUI/AUS) 63 62
(4)Brengle/Inglis (USA/AUS) d. Kalieva/Krueger (USA/USA) 63 60

Kulikov/Valdes (USA/USA) d. (3)Perrin/Zarazua (SUI/MEX) 63 36 10-8
(2)Liang/Marino (TPE/CAN) d. (wc)Colling/Goldsmith (USA/USA) 76(5) 61


(1)Kawa/Mihalikova (POL/SVK) d. (4)Brengle/Inglis (USA/AUS) 63 64
(2)Liang/Marino (TPE/CAN) d. Kulikov/Valdes (USA/USA) 06 75 10-8

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Conny Perrin goes from seed #1 in W60 Las Vegas MD last week to seed #2 in W60 Rancho Santa Fe Q this week.

It was clear since the beginning that clashing with IW would go terribly wrong for Las Vegas

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Krueger has been showing her potential recently. I'd like to see her start to make a run. I think she needs to avoid taking the big WC's to WTA events, and work through these ITF's

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I like Krueger, tall but moves well, good ground strokes, strong serve that will get better as she gets older, she is 17. At IW took Martincova to a second set TB. But she needs to build her foundation and experience in the ITF. Is she doing her schoolwork at home?

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Melichar takes a WC into qualifying and retires down 0-3 in the 1st set.

49 yr old Leslie Rose, somehow gets into qualifying for another $60K, and then gives a walkover to Hewitt.

Unranked 16 yr WC Katherine Hul beats the #5 seed 2 & 3.

Really hoping Krueger, Lahey, and Hewitt can win a few matches here.

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Singles Main Draw

(1)Rebecca Peterson (SWE) v (wc)Hanna Chang (USA)
Mayo Hibi (JPN) v Q
Q v (SE)Emina Bektas (USA)
(7)Renata Zarazua (MEX) v Lizette Cabrera (AUS)

(3)Madison Brengle (USA) v (wc)Allie Kiick (USA)
Rebecca Marino (CAN) v Maddison Inglis (AUS)
Kateryna Kozlova (UKR) v Q
(5)Misaki Doi (JPN) v (wc)Kayla Day (USA)

(8)Polona Hercog (SLO) v (wc)Jessica Failla (USA)
Q v Q
Q v Q
(4)Zarina Diyas (KAZ) v Leonie Kung (SUI)

(6)Kristina Kucova (SVK) v (JE)Elsa Jacquemot (FRA)
Q v (SR)Priscilla Hon (AUS)
Katarzyna Kawa (POL) v Arina Rodionova (AUS)
(2)Fiona Ferro (FRA) v Caroline Dolehide (USA)

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Wow at this draw! This is more like a WTA 125 or even a 250 at a stretch. We need more tournaments in the USA - say what you like, they usually always attract a good field.

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We need more tournaments in the USA - say what you like, they usually always attract a good field.
Well this is obviously favoured by the fact there is a whole string of big WTA/ITF events happening in the USA every week in a little more than a month at the moment: WTA 500 Chicago, WTA 1000 Indian Wells, W60 Berkeley, W60 Las Vegas (well, it was supposed to be big), W60 Rancho Santa Fe, W80 Macon, W80 Tyler, plus a 25k each week too. Of course you're going to attract a lot of good players from the top 150-200 with this kind of schedule.

Outside of the US, there's nearly nothing above 25k to play right now on the ITF circuit. There's still two weeks to wait until the next two W80 in Europe start.

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Crazy draw really hoping Hercog can go far here started well in her first round!

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Shame that Mihalikova didn鈥檛 get one of the QvQ spots. Two qualifying wins is solid for her though

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Dolehide's 2021 singles matches have been disappointing, but I hope whatever she did to her wrist wasn't too sever.

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Misaki :( Bad loss,her second half of the year is really ordinary...鍙堟銇ぇ浼氥亗銇屻倱銇般仯銇︺亸銇犮仌銇勩伃銆
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