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Ok, well it is extremely late where I am now, lol, but I have to inform you all that I can not postpone the deadline for submitting teams. The deadline is today, December 29 at 7:00pm (Board time). I orginally had it at this date, but since everyone wanted to wait until the official draw came out, I postponed it until December 30... But, I didn't know that main draw play would begin on Sunday, so now I'm going to have to change it back to today. Sorry, but it wasn't posted on the official site until now.

There are still many, many of you who have put of sending in points, and picking partners, so I hope you all are able to send in your submissions by that time, otherwise you will be forfited. Sending in teams later than the deadline is cheating, because matches will already have been played.

Also, if I don't hear more responses and get more predictions for doubles, then we will not be able to have doubles this week, because we only have four teams. Not worth it.

Send Teams and Predictions to: [email protected]

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