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No.1 ranked VWTT player and Australian Open 2002 Champion Julia Jans of Poland was upset yesterday in the first round of th Open De Gaz tournament in Paris. Jans lost to Maggie Maleeva 2-6 7-5 7-6. :O She had many chances to win the match. Leading 6-2 5-2, Jans' game quickly crippled. She lost five games straight to lose the second set 7-5. After regaining her composure in the third set, Jans managed to pull ahead 5-3, with 2 match points, but Maleeva tied it all at 5-5. Jans then had another two match points leading 6-5, but Maleeva managed to play magnificently under pressure and win the game and send the final set to a tiebreaker. In the tiebreaker, Jans fell apart, losing 7-0 to have her first early round loss ever. This is quite a shock. Jans has a commanding +400 pt lead at no.1 over the nearest competitor, and had great success prior to this tournament, winning the Australian Open and Pan Pacific tournaments, and reaching ATLEAST the semi-finals in all the four tournaments she had played. However, Maleeva was playing well, and managed to take advantage of Jans' squandered leads, so good luck to her. Lets hope Jans/Maleeva-Fragniere do well in doubles! Again this is a shock! :eek:
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