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I use the Volkl Quantum Tour 10 and I was wondering who else on this board uses Volkl rackets? I was also wondering whcih pros use the Tour 10?

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I use the Volkl, but I use the Tour 8. Phenomenal racquet :worship: I hit the felt off the ball so I love the control it gives me.

Volkl sponsors quite a few professional athletes considering its the "baby" company on the market. According to their (not-very-recently) updated website, here's Team Volkl and the sticks they prefer:

Asa Svensson -- Quantum Tour 10
Denisa Chladkova -- C 10 Pro
Corina Moriau -- Quantum Tour 10
Tina Pisnik -- Quantum Tour 10
Virginia Ruano Pascual -- Quantum 10 P.RAP
Maria Sanchez Lorenzo -- Quantum 8

Taylor Dent -- Quantum Tour 10
Michael Kohlmann -- C 10 Pro Tour
Felix Mantilla -- C 10 Pro
Jiri Novak -- C 10 Pro
Michel Kratochvil -- Quantum Tour 10

Bethanie Mattek -- Quantum Tour 10
Jamea Jackson -- Quantum 10 P.RAP
Tatiana Golovin -- Quantum V1

You can always compare these to the WTA Tour's official stats (I'm not sure Volkl still makes some of those models) to make sure, as this website is rather old in this respect, but it appears the Tour 10 is quite popular with the professionals and juniors! ;)

You can visit Volkl at
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