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<br /> DC Empire expands to PC<br />Reported by Steve Hildrew <br />Empire Interactive is to bring the Dreamcast hits, Crazy Taxi and Virtua Tennis, to the PC next year through its in-house developer, Rowan Software.

<br />The titles will be exact conversions of the Dreamcast titles, but at a resolution of 1024x768 with four-player multiplayer support over a LAN. We can expect Virtua Tennis in February with Crazy Taxi arriving in April 2002. <br /> <br /> NOT ONLY CAN WE PLAY EACH OTHER IN SINGLES ONLIEN ,BUT ALSO IN DOUBLES... <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> wow , this is gonna be great cos its open to a much bigger user base(PC) and im sure many of u will invest in it..

btw - i bags the rights to create a game based on this new game...haven decided on the name of it , but for those who buy it i think the way well go about it is to have each other actually play each other to determine results , instead of the tried and older methods...

i for one can;t wait ,but the conversion is virtua tennis part1 which is only men.
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