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Video requests

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I have already filmed around 2 hours, including practices of Hingis, Martinez, Scheepers, Cetkowska, Koukalova, Srebotnik, Peschke, Nuria.... and some matches, but if you have special requests, you can post it here, and I'll try my best. I'll be there tomorrow and on tuesday for sure, probably only at ground courts.
My youtube account is AliciaHub :wavey:

Kvitova - got some practice twice
Kerber - got bits of matches 1 & 2
Bartoli - not yet she laways played on main courts and never practiced
Hsieh - got bits of match before injury
Wozniacki - got bits of practice
Safarova - got bits of matches 1 and 2
Babos/Hsieh - no doubles but bits of each one's singles match
Suarez/Mirza - bits of the doubles before injury
Radwanska-Pironkova : got bits of the match, mostly Pironkova actually
MJMS & Nuria: got bits of the match vs Vladka/Natalie
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I will be there till the end, having center tickets now too, so could video anything, just let me know
They're not letting me video court 1 as much as I want, but I managed to video most of the matches and practices today: Paszek, Hantuchova, Kvitova, Wozniacki, MJMS & Nuria, Vladka & Natalie, Pironkova, McHale, Watson, Safarova, Kerber ....
They came to me twice on court 1. And I know they keep an eye on me. I did not know it was the umpires that reported us though.
The (official) reasons are: it makes noise and it annoys the players (really?) or "it's like you video someone without her consent, you know what I mean?" (euh, not really, it's a public place).
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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