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Bepa is on Q list Strasbourg

Q list

1. Davis
2. Vesnina
3. Hradecka
4. SS.Zheng
5. Krunic
6. Rogers
7. Falconi
8. Q.Wang
9. Allertova
10. Linette
11. Zhu
12. Townsend
13. Vickery
14. Kudryavtseva
15. Tatishvili
16. Zvonareva
17. Dodin
18. Govortsova
19. Sasnovich
20. Hsieh (#154)
She is also on Q list for Roland Garros, which is in the same week.

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At the moment, Vera is scheduled for Q list in 's Hertogenbosch.

Q list

1. Maria
2. Babos
3. Allertova
4. Van Uytvanck
5. Mitu
6. Friedsam
7. Putintseva
8. U.Radwanska
9. Kulichkova
10. Mestach
11. Hogenkamp
12. Zvonareva
13. Dodin
14. Pfizenmaier
15. Ostapenko
16. Sorribes Tormo
17. Hozumi
18. An.Rodionova
19. Namigata
20. Melnikova
21. Kostova
22. A.Bogdan
23. Glatch
24. Bonaventure
25. M.Sanchez
26. Mertens
27. Hlavackova
28. Voracova (#193)
Not too high hopes yet, but if she decided to play here, it is just an hour drive for me. Just my own schedule does not fit that week yet :smash:. But first see if she plays there.

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Oh, dear.. :sad:

This will be a similar history to Dinara and Chak... We know how it ends, but don't know when...

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The only thing I would not want for her is to fade away, to announce one day it is over. If she is to go one day, it would be to have a final run, Kremlin cup probably and then call it a day. But maybe I am hoping to much, I do not know.

Do I dare to say it? OK then.
Bepa is on the Q-list for Wimbledon. She has, of course, 3rd round to defend from last year. Somehow I think, she will not withdraw from here............I think :scared:

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Bepa :tears:

We want you back..

So you believe she will get a WC for Wimbledon? Hope so..
good question..
No, she did not get a WC. If she plays (we will know later today, as the draw for Q will be out), she will play qualies.
Vera probably did not even ask for a WC, as 3 WC's were not even given by the tournament directors.

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Well, for Wimbledon I did not think she would, but she did :(.

Whatever the reason is, I only hope she updates on her current condition soon. For better or worse, but this 'hoping' she will play is killing me more, than knowing what she is up to, or even knowing she will not play anymore.

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I wasn't expecting this.. Or was?? Don't even know anymore..

Something went REALLY bad in FedCup...
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