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Vera Zvonareva

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After watching the first set on USA against Ashley, I am fairly confident to say that I think Russia have produced a future Grand Slam champion in Vera. I think she is the best Russian female player out there right now. She has a quiet confidence about her during her matches - it's hard to explain but something about this girl really strikes me. Her groundstrokes are soo piercing, so strong, and so accurate. Maria Sharapova may have the more explosive groundstrokes but Vera, I think, has the more precise ones combining it with power. I think Vera can take herself all the way to the Quarterfinals and if she is focused enough, the semifinals.

I think she just needs to improve on her serve as well as her ability to go to net. I during the entire first set, she was at net twice. She is very aggressive and loves to take the opportunity to take the ball at its rise but there were several instances that could have ended the point for her had she just gotten to the net.

I think she IS the best Russian out there and if she continues on this path and makes the decisions to improve, she'll be the best Russian of all time.
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you took the words right out of my mouth. Although she may not be the most 'explosive' Russian player she is VERY SOLID off both sides (a lot like Kim Clijsers, really)

She is also very steady but is not scared to attack...her serve could use some work (hope she has a good coach...ala not her mom! :) )
Her serve and forehand need some work, other than that she is pretty good. I think Sharapova has the most potential though.
She may have the best game right now, but she is still capable of total emotional meltdowns on court. Does everyone already forget her loss after serving at 6-0, 5-1 a week or two ago??

If she can learn to control her emotions, she can go very far. But she's not there yet.
I am fairly confident to say that I think Russia have produced a future Grand Slam champion...
If I had a dollar...
To me, the necessary ingredient for a champion is the mental strength. You could see Justine and Kim had it right off the bat. Daniela has such a beautiful game, for example, but doesn't seem steely (at least right now). You can't say it's Vera's strong point right now. But I do think players can develop that aspect of their game. Hopefully Amelie still will. Vera sure has a lot of talent, but I don't see her as a grand slam winner. I'd pick Sharapova or Kusnetsova first.
Let's see, maybe she will start to cry soon ...
LOL at ray of sunshine.

I also think a great serve is really key right now in the women's game. That's another thing that impresses me about Sharapova (at least so far.) Vera's second serves seem to be often in the 60s. That will hold her back, but of course it can improve.
All I know is that she should work on her volleys. :eek: :eek:
Kuz seems to have the best game/mental strength combo at this time. But they are all so young, anything can happen. It will be fun to watch them progress on their various paths.
Ray of Sunshine said:
If I had a dollar...
You'd have $0.94 after taxes.
GoDominique said:
Let's see, maybe she will start to cry soon ...

Seeing that she lost the 2nd set...she might start up soon!
Vera broke in the 3rd... maybe she's handling her emotions. :)
Sharapova to me is all hype and nothing else. She has very explosive groundstrokes and a hell of a serve but she doesn't have the precision and accuracy off both sides the way Vera has. Although Vera is not as mentally tough as Kuznetsova or as explosive as Sharapova or as great at the net as Bovina, I think Vera has a great all surface game that consists of strong, deep, and accurate shots and an aggressive persona.

And yes her mentallity is still a liability but that all comes with growing up and playing within herself. I mean Kim has been a Grand Slam finalist and defeated Serena, but still couldn't close out Serena with three match points. So I think Vera has some time to go to hone this inner strength.
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The difference from where Vera was last spring and where she is now is huge.
I don't know if top players just have that mental toughness or if they mature into it.
If Vera doesn't become top 5, it will be mental, not physical.
She's up 5-0 right now and serving for the match! Let's go Vera!
No choke this time..
Vera played well today! She won 6-3 4-6 6-1
She had 37 winners and 41 UE which is good compared to Ashley who had only 16 winnners and 39 UE
it was a great match! :D
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