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Vera Douchevina d. Lisa Raymond 6-2 7-6 :D

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well done Vera :woohoo: :D :hug: :kiss:

this is why she got a WC :p
well done baby :)

came back from 0-4 in 2nd set, served for match 6-5 but won TB

well done Kiddo :)
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you by any chance ??
Vera Douchevina :bounce: :bounce: :D
Me since their junior days.;):angel:
Martian KC said:
Me since their junior days.;):angel:
Well I've tabbed them as the Russians sharing the "most likely to succeed" distinction with Sharky, which entails making a choice. (Followed by the trio of Vera Z., Nadya, and Sveta in no particular order). BTW, Vikki (as I prefer to call her) will be mainly a junior for the time being I presume. In other words, KC, I worded the question poorly (and if Eggy wants to ignore me about Russian players because there's one he likes who I don't, no big deal. Ironically, we both had avatars of Baby Blue Eyes displayed for a good while, though). But I should have worded it as "Top 3" and "Next 3" picks among Russians. (VK is Russian, though she plays for UKR. "Kirilenkova" is the reverse on both counts).
Lisa? :eek:
Vera is up to #109 in the ranking... she is about 15 points away from breaking into top 100.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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