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Vera Douchevina d. Lisa Raymond 6-2 7-6 :D

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well done Vera :woohoo: :D :hug: :kiss:

this is why she got a WC :p
well done baby :)

came back from 0-4 in 2nd set, served for match 6-5 but won TB

well done Kiddo :)
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RUS_4_EVER said:
Eggy, can you tell me whats good about her game cuz when I saw her play Ashley at the USO, I wasnt impressed at all..

At US Open that was she played like crap then (slam debut nerves), and was not even at 10-20% of what she can do.

she's strong on both sides, very attack minded, moves pretty good too. I just like the way she goes about business but she has moments where she loses focus and then has to tough it out.
watch her when she plays in rd2 on the net.
you by any chance ??
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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