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Venus/Serena Vs Makiri/Petrova

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whats the deal here?

is it true the william sisters will give a walk over if they cant finish it today?
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I know Serena wants to be nice to Venus but she should withdraw. She really shouldn't be playing 1 1/2 matches the day before her semifinal, at least I wouldn't want to.
It's not about being nice it's about fulfilling the commitment. Venus won a U.S Open with Serena on a really bad knee and played singles and doubles on the same day several times in that event. Serena won't bail on Venus unless she is injured. Serena and Venus have played singles and doubles both back to back to back days in the recent past and in heat and been fine, this isn't going to be too much for Serena. Plus this is grass and the points aren't as taxing and the matches aren't as long. If the Williams play like they are capable of they should barely spend a little over 2 hours on court tomorrow. If that's going to cost Serena in singles she's not in good shape. But she is in good condition so I doubt it will cost her. :)
Its not the conditioning thats the problem.

If she plays doubles, she will have no time to prepare (practice the areas which need fine tuning, practice according to her opponent's strength and weaknesses, make sasha play like Azarenka etc.) for her SF match. Preparing for the match doesnt mean just resting and going out on court and hitting a few balls.

I hope Serena withdraws.
My interpretation of the post I was responding to was that the poster felt it would be too much of a physical/mental strain on Serena to play 1 and a half matches before her semifinal, so that's what my answer was about. :shrug: It's not even a guarantee that she will play 1 and a half matches today anyway. :scared: I think she will be fine against Vika, I mean Sascha can scream and wear Capri pants under a dress :sobbing: if he wants to (sorry I just had to get that joke in :oh:) to help Serena, but I think she's more than ready to face her with or without that. Serena has only pulled out of Doubles when injured in recent years. I don't think Venus would be terribly upset if she did pulled out of doubles to preserve her chances in singles, but Serena just won't do that. It's just not her mentality. :shrug:
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