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Venus/Serena Vs Makiri/Petrova

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whats the deal here?

is it true the william sisters will give a walk over if they cant finish it today?
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I know Serena wants to be nice to Venus but she should withdraw. She really shouldn't be playing 1 1/2 matches the day before her semifinal, at least I wouldn't want to.
She isn't gonna sit around London all day you know.
If you don't know... Winning the Doubles is one of Serena's goal this year.
I thought I saw a good match.
Sisters were 2 points away from being ousted in a match..atleast twice...
Would have been 6-4 had they gotten atleast 1/3 in the one game earlier.
Its not the conditioning thats the problem.

If she plays doubles, she will have no time to prepare (practice the areas which need fine tuning, practice according to her opponent's strength and weaknesses, make sasha play like Azarenka etc.) for her SF match. Preparing for the match doesnt mean just resting and going out on court and hitting a few balls.

I hope Serena withdraws.
Yes. Because Serena has forgotten how Azarenka plays like.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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