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Venus needs to make changes
French Open upset is star’s latest lackluster performance


PARIS, June 1 — It was a heady Sunday for Russia at the French Open as two of its young players rose to prominence by pulling off upsets of third-seeded Venus Williams and seventh-seeded Jennifer Capriati, leaving the two highly-touted Americans looking dazed and confused.

Venus Williams is fully enveloped in her days of malaise and it showed in her 2-6, 6-2, 6-4 loss to Russia’s Vera Zvonareva, who is the No. 22 seed.
Venus came into this tournament at less than 100 percent physically, but that didn’t excuse her horrific play against the 18-year-old Russian.
And Venus did not blame her recent abdominal problems for her loss.
Her opponent faced her down, using hard, consistent groundstrokes and a willingness to chase balls to the limits.
Zvonareva never quivered, but Venus quaked, careening 75 unforced errors, never taking advantage of big opportunities and not managing to get her forehand under control.
Venus was wandering around the court without much of a strategy.
For a four-time Grand Slam champion who once lit up the world with her beaming smile when she ruled in London and New York, it was a very sad day.

Since Venus lost her fourth straight Grand Slam final to her little sister, Serena, in Australia back in January, she has been a phantom on tour, winning only one title.
Her three-set loss to her sister Down Under has clearly devastated her.
In the last game of that match, she looked so unsure of herself that it appeared her right arm might fall off because it was shaking so mightily when she went up to serve.
The woman who could once scorch a heater at crunch time, the woman who dared her foes to hit wide to her backhand so she could launch a blistering reply down the line had gone up in smoke in Australia and was merely a ball of nerves.
That Venus Williams — the one who had stood above all others in the women’s game, even her little sister — disappeared in the Melbourne humidity and she really hasn’t been seen since.
I think Venus is a little depressed because she isn’t sure whether she can ever leapfrog Serena.
As a result, her level of play has dropped to a point where she is very vulnerable to a number of players, including younger competitors like Zvonavera.
Venus needs a large dose of confidence and the only way she’s going to get it is to get hungry again.
Venus has to show some emotion and tell herself, Serena, and the world that she still cares about competing and winning.
Venus has a beautiful smile that the world loves to see, but on court, she needs to flash her fangs a little more.

Venus needs to commit to making some decent-sized changes in her game.
Her failure over the past year and a half to charge the net when given the opportunity is really holding her back.
She needs to go for her second serve more and take more risks with her first serve.
Venus told me that coming in to the net isn’t a natural instinct for her, but a woman of her height and with her wingspan could further develop her tennis mind and gradually get used to moving forward.
She completely retooled her forehand three years ago and so she can certainly learn to propel her long legs loping ahead.

Like Venus, Jennifer Capriati is also stuck in a depressive phase of her career as she hasn’t improved in the past year and is now fair game for 20-year-old Russians like big Nadia Petrova, who is unseeded, but who rushed past Capriati, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3.
In many ways, Capriati is in a similar position to Venus.
She’s a wonderful mover and a terrific fighter, but the reason why she lost to the talented Petrova is because the Russian was willing to change strategies, while Capriati wasn’t.
Petrova out-served Capriati and also out-thought her. That shouldn’t happen to a Grand Slam champion.
Capriati thought she would be able to tire out Petrova with long rallies, but the Russian managed to shorten these points by coming in and winning 17 of 25 points at the net.
Contrast that to Capriati, who came in only twice and won just one point at the net.
Capriati hasn’t won a title since the 2002 Australian Open and although she is in the mix at every major, it seems like she winds up at the bottom of the blender when crunch time comes around.

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I do really agree with Bud Collins as much as I despise him. I think the first think Venus needs to do is to play more. You can't call on your game when you need it if you have played only five tournaments the whole year. I really think Venus is trying to get rid of all those points from last year and it will make her charge for number one next year much easy to grasp.



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I have a tape from Acura 2001, semi-finals, Venus vs Lindsay. Venus needs to watch that match over and over again to see how she was serving, and how she was hitting her forehand. Even her motions seem different.

And also she needs to go back to her mindset of 2000/01 when she looked like she was out there for the fight! She should stop looking so apathetic and lost. Perhaps it is time to take time off like she did at the beginning of 2000. A sparse schedule wont help. She needs to go away, hire a good shrink, and work on that forehand and serve. In 2001 she was belting winners with that shot, and she did have tight matches, but she never quacked!

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Miss Venus is gonna be ok. She knows the deal and will have all this worked out with a quickness. You're not as great as she is without a little drama to get you all pumped up again to recapture the magic. Miss Venus will rise yet again! :kiss:
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