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(Venus fans)Venus Williams targets French Open title

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This is why I will always be a fan... The girl knows exactly what she wants :)

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it's nice to know that venus is determined to win the french open i hope it happens for her!!!!!:bounce:
I think its a great article. It's nice to see Venus slowly opening up during interviews and not be so guarded. I've been telling my best friend for the past two years now that Venus could care less about being number 1 b/c then she would have to committ full time and she doesn't want to do that and now she has come out and said so.

But it also takes a little prestige away from being number 1 and the rankings when a top player comes out and says how unimportant the number 1 spot is and ranking as a whole.
Good article on the Diva of Tennis.
So, VENUS will still only play about 15 events this year.
That should be enough for 2 more slams and a #1 ranking. :) :wavey:
15 events should be enough for the #1 ranking - excellent, it'd have been enough last year even taking into account random upsets.

As much as I love Venus though, can't cheer for her at Roland Garros - my heart belongs to Iva, Lina and Elena D. Still, if by some horrific and unexpected sequence of upsets :p none of them makes it to the final... Venus all the way. :bounce:
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will play 15 events! Last year she played 12 and it was good eneough for #3 even with a 1st round lost at a slam (so it's really 11 since she only received 2 points).
uh huh - good luck with that .... :)
At this point as long as she keeps winning slams, who cares if shes number one or not? I don't. If it happens, fine, if not, fine. I mean once it was shown that being number one is meaningless then I lost all interest. To me the rankings serve one purpose, to support the tour. Outside of that other factors determine who is the best in the world. As it was noted over and over when Martina was at the top, being number one does not mean you are the best or have any credibility if you can't back it up with slams.

When the players themselves say they would rather win slams than be number one, well that says a lot. I think people focus on number one so much with Venus simply because she has never attained it, and use that somehow against her. Who cares! Either way she rules and is a fantastic player.
I love it when Venus elaborates, because she's so deliberate in her statements.

I don't think I'd be able to contain myself if she were to win RG. Too bad May is such a long time way!
Is it possible that she just doesn't want to overachieve? She seems very comfortable with what she has achieved so far, and may be quite happy to be consistent with that kind of success. Don't want to psychoanalyze her but.....
I'm happy for her. I sincerely hope she achieves these goals. It will be spectacular for her family and legions of fans.

GO VENUS! :kiss:
I hope she plays 15 or more.... I agree with Venus that winning Slams is more important than being n#1.

But I think for Venus NOW, TENNIS is more important than fashion school, for god sake!!!!!!! I think this year she can have a good end of the season, because she didn't play last year, so VENUS PLEASE, PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAY


PLEASE:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
I'm with you Bright Red. It will be so awesome to see Venus win the French Open:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: ;)
I'm going to try to attend it live. I'm looking for airfare right now. This will be my first Grand Slam event!

I don't think it'll be in vain.
It sounded to me as if Venus DOES want the number one ranking. I agree that slams are more important, but I would really think that being number one is probably the second most special feeling in tennis. You do not get to number one without winning a grand becoming number one is usually a very sweet reward for winning a few slams. In a way, number one might be better. Players can win a grand slam much easier than they can attain the number one ranking

Before Jen got to number one, I didn't think about it much, but I am so happy she is number one...It is like a grand can never take it away from them...So if and when Venus becomes number one, it will feel like a slam. I guarantee it!
The mystique of number one was shortchanged when everyone realized that you dont have to win a slam to be number one:martina hingis.

until the system rewards quality over quantity number one will not mean much, but I guess its still nice to have. Like a breath mint after supper.:wavey:
until the system rewards quality over quantity number one will not mean much, but I guess its still nice to have. Like a breath mint after supper.
Bright Red I hope you give us reports from the French Open:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Venus will be AWESOME earning her first French Open Title:) :) :) :) :) :) :)
With VENUS in the #2 spot, she will have a #1 ranked player, whom she has never lost to, as a possible opponet in the finals.
I can see VENUS hefting that trophy in Paris in a few months. :)
QueenO said:
Bright Red I hope you give us reports from the French Open:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Venus will be AWESOME earning her first French Open Title:) :) :) :) :) :) :)
For sure, QueenO.
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