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Venus' 2002 stats

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Well she's getting better and better!

She's now 14-1 this year. Having not played Dokic, cost her a 15-1, but hopefully, she will be there tomorrow, if she wins her 3rd title of the year, on her way to the #1 ranking!!!!!!! Wanna bet??

She's 3-1 against top10 players (4-1 if you count Dokic w/o), having being defeated only by Seles, in 3 sets, at the AO.

She bagelled already 5 girls this year (Schnyder, Hantuchova, Maleeva, Kournikova and Mauresmo!). And these are not bad players at all! Besides Kournikova (ex-top10 player), they're all top50 players!!!

She won all her tie-breaks this year so far......pretty easily (against Petrova 7-3, Seles 7-4, Mauresmo twice 7-3 and 7-3).

GO VENUS......keep your winning streak!!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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Great stats, thanks joao!:)
That's why VENUS is the Goddess of Tennis. :eek: :p
Thanks for the info, joao.
Wow.... let's see if she can remain undefeated for the rest of the year :D
She's now 14-1 this year. Having not played Dokic, cost her a 15-1
:p .....keep dreaming!
it couldve been 14-2 aswell...Jelena was playing just as well as Venus at that tourney if not better , and Venus struggled to even beat Momo , barely...
Not this week though :p
Great start to the year for Venus :)...but I find the double standard of many people quite unusual.

So far this year Venus has played the Oz Open plus a Tier III and two tier II's that are lacking in top players to say the least (none of the rest of the "Big Five" are here and either is Kim). Venus has probably defeated the two weakest top ten players en route to her titles, and yet she is being praised. Martina's start to the year last year with her tier 2 and 3 wins was much maligned.

Venus is playing another "weak" event next week. Why is Venus praised when she plays more, no matter what sort of field she contests in, but when Martina consistently commits to a full schedule she is "avoiding top players" and gaining "cheap titles"?

All the events Venus has entered this year, apart from the Oz Open have been "gimmes" from the outset.
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Really? Then Venus might as well not play then. She just signs up and the tournament directors give her the trophy automatically! :rolleyes:

What do you people want? You bash Venus for playing too few events last year. Now you bash her for playing weak events. It is not her fault that there is not a Tier 1 every week. She has only played 1, yes 1 Tier III this year. The rest have been Tier II or better.

And Mauresmo and Henin are the easiest routes? Well lemme tell you something. Henin is the only top 10 player to have defeated Venus last year other than Martina. Easiest route? Mauresmo beat Martina and Jennifer to win the German Open last year? She is a weak top 10 player?
Williams_Rulez, for the record I think Venus is doing the right thing playing these tournaments..she needs to play more matches.

But....I don't think she should be praised for doing something that she should have been doing in the first place.(if she had of been bothered she would have been #1 the last two years). Also it was many of the williams fans who were bagging martina this time last year because she was playing the callibre of tournaments Venus is playing. Now that Venus is doing it, its okay. I find that hypocritical.

And yes I am willing to put my head on the chopping block and say Mauresmo and Henin are the weakest players in the top 10, especially indoors. Mauresmo hasn't been a threat to the top players for 10 months and Justine is always suspect indoors and can be overpowered by big hitters.
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I'm not getting into this fray, but i was wondering if anyone knew what time the match is tomorrow?
Wow, so much for Venus starting off seasons rather slow. Scary how well she is doing. :) :eek: Kudos to Vee.
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