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(1) Alena Vaskova CZE WTA 160 vs Q Angelique Kerber GER WTA -
Lucie Safarova CZE WTA - vs Mireille Dittmann AUS WTA 278
Stefanie Gehrlein GER WTA 262 vs Q Caroline Ann Basu GER WTA 425
(8) Katarina Daskovic SMO WTA 234 vs Sophie Lefevre FRN WTA 243
(3) Eva Birnerova CZE WTA 167 vs Q Magda Mihalache ROM WTA 376
Zuzana Hejdova CZE WTA 245 vs Q Kathrin Woerle GER WTA 342
Q Nika Ozegovic CRO WTA 426 vs Q Mariya Koryttseva UKR WTA 439
(5) Magdalena Zdenovkova CZE WTA 221 vs Jana Hlavackova CZE
(7) Maria Wolfbrandt SWE WTA 233 vs Adriana Barna GER WTA 248
Timea Basczinsky SUI WTA - vs Caroline Maes BEL WTA 239
Tina Schmassmann SUI WTA 808 vs Romina Oprandi SUI WTA 779
(4) Zsofia Gubasci HUN WTA 218 vs Gabriela Navratilova CZE WTA 265
(6) Angelika Bachmann GER WTA 232 vs LL Shelley Stephens NZL 300
Q Ana Vrljic CRO WTA 393 vs Q Yvonne Meusburger AUT WTA 314
Petra Cetkovska CZE WTA 272 vs LL Sabrina Jolk GER WTA 318
(2) Nathalie Vierin ITA WTA 165 vs Dominika Luzarova CZE WTA 271

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no Topalova :sad: :eek:

good luck to :)
Mariya Koryttseva
Dominika Luzarova
Zuzana Hejdova
Shelley Stephens

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Good luck to

Angelique Kerber :D
Angelika Bachmann
Adriana Barna
Stephanie Gehrlein
Sabrina Jolk
Kathrin Wörle
Caroline-Ann Basu
Yvonne Meusburger
Tina Schmassmann
Mireille Dittmann
Magda Mihalache
Sophie Lefevre
:) :bounce: :bounce:

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C'mon Mireille!!!!!

Lets see if you can win a set!!! Safarova will be tough!

I have to say I was devastated with the ease Mireille lost last week too someone I thought was an unknown nobody, but the unknown ended up doin very well last week and would have made the final if she hadnt been injured!

I'm really surprised too see Mireille here, it shows that she's not a quitter and she plans to continue to fight and fight and fight it out on the circuit!!!

I dont know where the money is coming from, maybe she managed to save some the last two years cos she's made over $US50K!

Anyway, good luck Mireille! Prove everyone wrong and get a win under ur belt!

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Good luck to:

Alena Vaskova
Angelique Kerber
Lucie Safarova
Timea Basczinsky:D
Tina Schmassmann
Romina Oprandi
Zsofia Gubasci
and Petra Cetkovska!!!!

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Good luck Angelique, Maria, Katarina and Timea! :D :)

It's been a long time since I've sen Romina Oprandi's name. Is she back from an injury?

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best of luck to:

*Alena Vaskova :D
*Katarina Daskovic
*Sophie Lefevre
*Eva Birnerova :D
*Kathrin Woerle :D
*Magda Zdenovcova :D
*Zsofia Gubacsi
*Yvonne Meusburger
*Petra Cetkovska

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Vaskova d. Kerber 76 62
Dittmann d. Safarova 76 64
Gehrlein d. Basu 62 76
Daskovic d. Lefevre 63 61
Birnerova d. Mihalache 61 62
Hejdova d. Wörle 61 62
Koryttseva d. Ozegovic 64 64
Maes d. Basczinsky 52 ret.
Gubacsi d. Navartilova 63 62
Meusburger d. Vrljic 46 60 60
Cetkovska d. Jolk 16 76 63

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Doubles 1st round:

(1) Gubacsi/Hejdova Szofia/Zuzana, 328 HUN/CZE V Basu/Tricerri Caroline/Alienor, 880 GER/SUI
Barna/Ejeson Adriana/Helena, 595 GER/SWE BEAT Bacsinszky/Oprandi Timea/Romina, 0 SUI/SUI - WALKOVER
(3) Dellacqua/Sewell Casey/Nicole, 425 AUS/AUS V Birnerova/Vaskova Eva/Alena, 669 CZE/CZE
Lefevre/Woerle Sophie/Katrin, 718 FRA/GER V Mihalache/Wolfbrandt Magda/Maria, 522 ROM/SWE
Daskovic/Maes Kathrina/Caroline, 512 YUG/BEL V Hogendoorn/Vierin Kika/Nathalie, 796 NED/CZE
Dittmann/Sekulovski Mireille/Beti, 628 AUS/AUS V (4) Stephens/Weis Shelley/Stefanie, 476 NZL/GER
Bachmann/Schmassmann Angelika/Tina, 415 GER/SUI BEAT Cheung/Kojian Lauren/Arpi, 918 AUS/USA 7-5, 6-1
Cetkovska/Hlavackova Petra/Jana, 704 CZE/CZE V (2) Luzarova/Navratilova Dominika/Gabriela, 333 CZE/CZE
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