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V&S #156 on VH1's 200 Greatest Pop Icons!

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Pretty impressive, they are the only tennis players on the list and one of the few athletes.
The complete list is on the website and they are showing it on VH1 in 10 segments. I think Venus and Serena will be on tonight.

You should check out the illustration, its pretty funny ;)
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maccardel said:
The list is crap cos they actually list Pamela Anderson way ahead of Whitney Houston(#116). How is that possible....whitney had million sellers and broke records with them, she also had movies that did well at the box office and on video.....(bodyguard, waiting to exhale,) and to top it off she even had movies that she produced, (Princess Diaries) top 100 million at the box office..........what have Pamela Anderson done to be ranked higher......and not to mention that Whitney tops Pam in the drama or diva department........the only thing that Pam is known for is baywatch, vip and her "silly"-con implants.

Whitney even did Cinderella on network television and even that set new standards for tv how is Pam ranked ahead of Whitney again?..........even Will Smith gets a higher ranking.

If these people are so much bigger pop icons, then why don't vh1 offer them to constantly appear on the "divas live" show.....I guess that doesn't make any sense at all huh?
Don't even waste your energy on this list, I mean they put people like J.Lo, Britney ahead of Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, etc. Also Celine should never be ahead of Whitney Houston or Barbra Streisand. These people opened the door for all these artists and they have accomplished much more for a much longer time. J.Lo before Muhammed Ali? :lol: Justin Timberlake before Whitney? :lol: Heck even today, I see young singers pick Whitney songs for contests and competitions, everyone mentions her as an influence, she had a huge influence. Also why would they put The Rock on the list and not Hulk Hogan who's 10 times bigger and has been out there for decades? Are they talking about NOW or ALL-TIME? :rolleyes:
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