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USTA: Junior #1 Townsend too fat to play on our dime

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Hey look who it is.

Obviously, you don't sense the seriousness of the issue.
I can see both points of view. I think it's awful they did not grant any of her wildcard requests being that she is the number one junior in the world. She obviously has had good results, so it confuses me.

Conversely, if the USTA is funding her training, coaching, etc., I can see where they think it is justified to push her in the direction they feel is necessary. She's an investment and if she doesn't want the help, she has the talent to go it alone I'm sure. I do feel at her age, the comments McEnroe made are a bit much.
Looking into the Tennisforum Crystal Ball:


WTA #1: Taylor Townsend

Meanwhile, new Wall Street Journal report on Where are all the talented US juniors?
The conclusion: Fitness and health trump weight and body composition when it comes to long-term wellness. This is a notion I’ve been preaching for some time (check out my previous post about how to determine your ideal weight), and I think it’s critical because I’ve seen many people worsen their health and fitness in the pursuit of thinness. I’ve also worked in oncology and cardiac rehab, and there were thin patients in both settings.

Unfortunately our society is programmed to believe that weight determines health, or that you can’t possibly be obese and healthy, and neither it true. That doesn’t mean you need to abandon your weight-loss goals if you truly want to shed pounds. But it does mean that at any size, fitness and health should be your primary goals.

- Friday, 9/7/2012 at 9:54:40 AM by Cynthia Sass,
How can she do this if the USTA pulls her off the tour?
USTA didn't let her play during the summer...
She is not banned from playing (I hope not! That would be a civil right issue) ... just not on USTA's dime.
1 - 5 of 242 Posts
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