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USST: Kitty Classic

Welcome to the Kitty Classic hosted in the crazy-bejazy state of New York! This is the third tournament of the season and it looks to be a very interesting one after last weeks results in Florida and England.

At this tournament we will find out if the top seeds can hold their ground and if a new-rising star is ready to become a champion!

Everyone here at the tournament is happy that Flavia Pennetta is not here to pulverise them all into the ground. Instead we have players coming out of the shadows like Mary Pierce, and Martina Hingis.

Who will hold this prestigous title? Who will be the 2003 Kitty Classic Champion? Stick around....and you'll see!

Tournament Information

This is where all the tournament info will be kept. Things like when to send in points, how much money you will recieve when you win or lose, what players have entered, the draw, and more.

Singles Draw

Doubles Draw

If you want to play doubles say who you want to play doubles with and commit yourself. The draw will be updated everytime someone enters the tournaments.

Basic Informatioin

Location: New York City, New York
Tier: II
Prize Money: $22350.00 US
Surface: Hardcourt

Prize Money


Entry Fee: $250.00 US

1st Round Loss: $1396.87 US

Quater Final Loss: $2739.75 US

Semi-Final Loss: $5587.50 US

Final Loss: $11175.00 US

Final Win: $22350.00 US


Entry Fee: $250.00 US

1st Round Loss: $1396.87 US

Semi-Final Loss: 2739.75 US

Final Loss: $5587.50 US

Final Win: $11175.00 US

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday: Singles Points Due
Wednesday: Singles 1st Round; Doubles Points are Due
Thursday: Singles Quater Finals; Doubles 1st Round
Friday: Singles Semi-Finals; Doubles Semi-Finals
Saturday: Singles Final; Doubles Final;​

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Women's Preview

Finally a big tournament without the name "Pennetta" in it. This week we may find a new champion. Who will it be?

Here is a preview of the coming matches:

Venus Williams (USA) VS. Lindsay Davenport (USA)

Venus has not had good results yet at any tournament in singles losing in the first round both times. While Davenport may be on a breakthrough after getting into the Semi-Final's of the White Pine Classic last week. Its really tough to call because we don't know what Venus has to offer to the game.

Pick: Davenport in 2 Sets

Barbara Schwartz (AUT) VS. Elena Dementieva (RUS)

The real question here is Dementieva healthy? Well we don't really know as of now but she had to withdraw from Doubles and Singles because an injury. Both of these players have had mediocre results and still haven't fufilled their potential (if there is any). I really think that with Dementieva being injury and all it showed be a one-sided affair for Schwartz.

Pick: Schwartz in 2 Sets

(4) Chanda Rubin (USA) VS. Jelena Dokic (YUG)

Jelena Dokic has started out with so far one of the worst seasons possible. She has lost to no-name opponents here and there so its hard to see her have the upset. Rubin has lost her concentration a bit (probably partying too hard after her Final win in Hawaii) and needs to get back on track. If she can do that this will be a very one-sided match.

Pick: Rubin in 3 sets

Angela Haynes (USA) VS. Paola Suarez (ARG)

Finally Paola plays something higher than a Tier III. Its amazing how bad her season has been so far. Losing in the first round of Tier III tournaments and obtaining the world's worst ranking in the USST. But Angela Haynes hasn't had the brightest season ever losing early in her first two tournaments. This should be a tight match, but it could be a breeze for a player.

Pick: Haynes in 2 easy sets

Jennifer Capriati (USA) VS. Marion Bartoli (FRA)

This I believe is going to be the highlight of the first round matches. Marion Bartoli has just come off a good run at her last tournament, while Capriati is slowly getting a lot of confidence after upsetting (in my opinion) Venus Williams last week. This should be very interseting, and tight match.

Pick: Capriati in 3 tough sets


Here is what I think will happen throughout the whole tournament:

Quarter Finals

(1) Martina Hingis (SUI) VS. Lindsay Davenport (USA)

(3) Serena Williams (USA) VS. Barbara Schwartz (AUT)

(4) Chanda Rubin (USA) VS. Angela Haynes (USA)

(2) Mary Pierce (FRA) VS. Jennifer Capriati (USA)


(1) Martina Hingis (SUI) VS. (3) Serena Williams (USA)

(4) Chanda Rubin (USA) VS. Jennifer Capriati (USA)


(3) Serena Williams (USA) VS. (4) Chanda Rubin (USA)


(3) Serena Williams (USA)


If the following predictions happen, Chanda Rubin and Serena Williams can jump ahead of Hingis having Williams at No. 2 and Rubin at No. 3 (if Wiliams wins) VICE VERSA if Rubin wins.​

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- For your information if Pennetta goes far in her other tournament and all the seeds drop early Pennetta could have at least an 800 points lead over the No. 2 person in the world

- For your information if you Rubin and Williams go far and Hingis and Elia do not they could easily become the No. 2 and 3 players

- For your information if Pennetta wins the Puppy Pooch tournament she will have a 8 match winning streak and 3 singles titles

- For your information if your name is in bold in the predictions area you have sent points. If your name isn't in bold I'LL KILL YOU or send in points :)

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Serena, Venus arrive in the big city in style
Serena Williams, next to sister Venus tells everyone "were here"
Serena Williams has arrived in New York City Sunday, September 14, 2003 ready to win. Serena got of the airplane at the JFK Airport. Serena and Venus got off the plane laughing and giggling. Venus motioned to Serena a gesture that made the duo start their week in New York City with a smile. We tried to catch up with the girls when they were waiting with their luggage. Reporter Anke Huber from Germany rushed over to the Williams sisters as massive crowds had gathered to see them

Huber: (Out of Breath)Venus, Serena may I get a word?

Venus: Word

Serena: (laughing) Sure Anke.

Huber: Thanks, Ladies. (studdering) ut oh enh blan ajet

Venus: Well what is it, do you like my style today?

Huber: Of course

Serena: You’d better say that, I designed her outfit and she designed mine.

Huber: Great Fashion sense girls

Together: We know and we out

Huber: But I didn’t even

Bodyguard: Ma’m these two eloquent ladies don’t wish to speak with you

Huber: Ough

Venus and Serena are both entered in this weeks . Venus plays Lindsay Davenport who is favored to beat her while Serena has a first round by but could potentially face Barbara Schwartz.

Serena is the favorite in this tournament.

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:) Deadline for choosing your own doubles teams is tomorrow at 4 PM

:) If you have not choosen by 4 PM you will be automatically paired with someone else.

:) After all the teams are final the doubles draw will be created

:sad: Someone will have to sit this doubles tournament out because w only have 13 Players, don't worry if you sit this one out you'll never have to sit out again. Unless you volunteer.

:sad: People who have already made teams will not be eligible to sit out.
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