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USST: Gap Championships

Welcome to the WACKO-JACKO city of Toronto (A.K.A. SARSonto). This is one of the few Tier 1 tournaments of this month and it looks to be a highly competitive one as well.

Last week Flavia Pennetta's 6 match winning-streak was broken by the red-hot Elena Baltacha. This week it could be the same story with both Pennetta and Baltacha playing at the same tournament.

Many of the top-contenders are ready to make a move like Kim Clijsters, Amelie Mauresmo, Chanda Rubin and Elena Dementieva. It should be interesting to see who can go the farthest.

Which one of these elite players will prove themselves this week? Which player will show the others that they are a force to be reckoned with? Stick around and find out.

Tournament Information

This is where all the tournament info will be kept. Things like when to send in points, how much money you will recieve when you win or lose, what players have entered, the draw, and more.

Singles Draw

Prize Money


Entry Fee: $0.00 US

Winner: $72999.00 US

Final Loss: $36499.50 US

Semi-Final Loss: $18249.75 US

Quarter-Final Loss: $9124.87 US

1st Round Loss: $4562.43 US

Weekly Schedule

Monday September 29th: OFF
Tuesday September 30th: OFF
Wednesday October 1st: Singles Points Due;
Thursday October 2nd: Singles 1st Round;
Friday October 3rd: Singles Quarter-Finals;
Saturday October 4th: Singles Semi-Finals;
Sunday October 5th: Singles Final​

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Womens Preview

This tournament is really shaping out to be very intense. There are so many 1st Round thrillers due to the fact that many top players dropped down in the rankings last week.

But obviously there can only be one victor and here is what I think:

(1) Flavia Pennetta (ITA) VS. Chanda Rubin (USA)

This is going to be a terrific match. Both of these players are faboulous players. This match would not have happened if Rubin had not dropped in the rankings this week. But nevertheless its happening! This is probably the hardest choice I've had to make. Both players can make a big run if they can win and take the confidence.

Pick: Pennetta in 3 Sets

Amelie Mauresmo (FRA) VS. Barbara Schwartz (AUT)

Another quite interesting match. Schwartz hasn't really proved to the tour that she is a good player at all. This is probably why Rubin wants to drop her in doubles this week and find someone else. You can't blame her really! But back to this match! Mauresmo played some wonderful tennis last week losing horrificly in the final. I really expected her to win that match but I guess the pressure got to her. I once again believe that with Mauresmo coming into this match will feel the pressure and could quite possibly lose her grip.

Pick: Schwartz in 2 Sets

Elena Dementieva (RUS) VS. Vera Zvonareva (RUS)

The battle of the RUSSIANS! This also will be an amazing match because this is Vera's first singles tournament (she debuted in doubles last week at the Kitty Classic Tournament) and she could prove to be a threat. While the other Russian almost started a run last week by getting to the Semi-Finals of the Kitty Classic Tournament. This looks to be an eventful match indeed.

Pick: Dementieva in 2 Sets

(3) Martina Hingis (SUI) VS. Serena Williams (USA)

This has got to be the best matches of the first round! Serena and Martina have both been playing pheonominal tennis with Martina having a slight edge. Martina may be losing confidence by losing in two straight singles finals too two different players while Serena hasn't showed much class since the Kellogs Championship in the beginning of the season. Although this match is a first round this could be a long-time rivalry.

Pick: Serena in 3 TOUGH Sets

(4) Silvia Farina Elia (ITA) VS. Angela Haynes (USA)

Silvia has not shown much since the Betty Crocker Hardcourts tournament. While Angela hasn't either! This could be a battle of the crapiest players on the tour but you never know. Silvia really shouldn't be No. 4 because shes just playing like crap lately while Angela could be a lot better then she is now.

Pick: Haynes in 2 easy breezy sets

Jennifer Capriati (USA) VS. Jelena Dokic (YUG)

This could be the highlight of tournament matches. Jelena has played so poorly while Jennifer hasn't shown much really. I really hope Jelena can get her act together and finally win a match. While Capriati has to learn not to put everything in one set and burn out on the rest.

Pick: Dokic in 3 Sets

Venus Williams (USA) VS. Lindsay Davenport (USA)

I feel very saddened that this match had to happen. Both players are not playing well at all and one of them has to lose in another 1st Round match. I desperately hope its not Venus who loses because she has played like the worst player in the whole entire universe lately. But I still think there is a bright light for her ahead she just has to learn that being agressive isn't just power its finesse, strength, and techniques.

Pick: Venus in 3 sets

(2) Elena Baltacha (GRB) VS. Kim Clijsters (BEL)

This has got to be the most anticipated match of the tournament. Kim has been frustrated by rude comments and fans and by other players while Baltacha is coming of a great winning streak. Kim has had all her chances but just loses them when the BOOs come along. Last week Kim said she hated Latvia and was brutually screamed at by the Latvian crowd while her comments brought such anger that a man came out shooting at other players. Baltacha was one of the few that were hurt. It will be interesting to see if she is alright because she hasn't commented much on her injury.

Pick: Clijsters to overcome her mental block and win in 3 sets


Here is what I think will happen throughout the whole tournament:


(1) Flavia Pennetta (ITA) VS. Barbara Schwartz (AUT)

Serena Williams (USA) VS. Elena Dementieva (RUS)

Angela Haynes (USA) VS. Jelena Dokic (YUG)

Kim Clijsters (BEL) VS. Venus Williams (USA)


(1) Flavia Pennetta (ITA) VS. Elena Dementieva (RUS)

Angela Haynes (USA) VS. Kim Clijsters (BEL)


Elena Dementieva (RUS) VS. Angela Haynes (USA)


Elena Dementieva (RUS)​

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The Contenders

I will post here at every tournament who I think the top two contenders are to win the tournament. This week its none-other than Chanda Rubin, and Elena Dementieva.

Elena Dementeiva

Elena had a great run last week and really showed that she could be a top player on the tour. Unfortunately she was stopped by the "Swiss Miss" Martina Hingis in three tough sets.

Elena can play a quick-paced ball but really needs to improve on her serve. Its just really really bad. I think once shes done that she'll be No. 1 on this tour in seconds. Look for her to make some noise here at the tourney.

Chanda Rubin

Ever since Chanda won her first title in the first week of the season her results have been mixed, but good. Chanda has run into a few up-and-coming stars along the way and has struggled to beat some players (E.g. Mary Pierce). But you can never count her out because she is a pheonominal player.

If Rubin can keep her confidence level up, stay focused and be consistent she should be able to win her second title of the year.​

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Serena Williams arrives in Toronto
Serena Williams is hoping to make it big this week
Serena Williams, looking to regain her form from the first few weeks of September, has officially arrived in Toronto for the first ever GAP Championship. Williams has come with sister Venus, who also is trying to vie for a better run in singles. These two beauteous players are a wonderful doubles team, reaching all of this years’ doubles finals. But they only won one. Serena is hoping to "conquer it all and the worlds her mission". Well that’s only a statement. She wants it all and she wants to keep going until she gets it, and she is focused. The question everyone’s asking: Can she do it? Well we’ll see this week.

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Does Angela Haynes want to play with Elena Dementieva?

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WAit.... On the schedual it says were doing everything throught the week. Does that mean that not all of the matches will be played today. Also, when will the other tournamnets be?

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jahrim said:
WAit.... On the schedual it says were doing everything throught the week. Does that mean that not all of the matches will be played today. Also, when will the other tournamnets be?
The other tournament threads will be up later today but they wont start until later this week.

And yes the schedule has been swapped around so I can give the players some more time to relax as well as give me some more time to post some of the results.
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