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USST: Commitment Thread

Hello everyone! This is the commitment thread ment for commitments to tournaments so you can become interactive in the Ultimate Super Stars Tour! I will be posting a schedule in a 1 month period and tournaments will only last 1 week depending on how many people enter.

How to Enter Tournaments

All you have to do is write your name and then write the list of tournaments you want to play. Remember sometimes two tournaments happen at once and you can only enter one! Its not possible for a player to play in Canada one day and then play in Russia the next day! There will be a fee to enter any Tier I or Tier II tournament. All Tier III tournaments are free. Also if you have no money to enter in tournaments you have to go into Qualifying!


Here are the rules.....

1. If the maximum number of people isn't filled up in a tournament they will be replaced by BYE's. For example if only 7 people enter a Tier III tournament there would be only 1 space left over for nobody. It would automatically be turned into a BYE.

2. A minimum of 4 people have to enter a tournament or the tournament is cancelled.

3. You must be over the rank No. 32 to enter a Tier 1 tournament for a Tier 2 tournament you must be 64 and for a Tier 3 tournament anyone can enter. Any player in the Top 10 may not enter a Tier 3 tournament. Same goes for anyone out of the Top 64 can not enter a Tier 1 tournament!

For Your Information

Tier III Tournaments Accept:

8 Players
and have a Minimum 2 BYEs/WC's/Qualifier's

Tier II Tournaments Accept:

16 Players
and have a Minimum 4 BYEs/WC's

Tier I Tournaments Accept:

32 Players
and have a Minimum 8 BYEs/WC's/Qualifier's

Grand Slams Accept:

As Many People that Enter

Just For Fun

Every week there will be a theme for the tournaments to make it fun for everyone!

Prize Money

There will be Prize Money given out every time you win or lose. For Tier I and II tournaments it costs money to enter but for Tier III tournaments it costs nothing. When a tournament is about to start on the forum it will state how much you will earn when you lose or when you win.

IMPORTANT: If you are just starting off in the tour and you don't have any money to spend you will have to qualify for the tournaments. If no one else who is just starting off wants to enter you will automatically be entered in the main draw.

BUT even if you do lose in the qualifying you will still recieve some money don't worry!

If there is no fee for a tournament you can enter directly or recieve a Wild Card.

Just Do It!

So just enter the tournaments you want and watch the draw unravel for you to win your first tourney on the USST tour!

Week of September 15th: Theme: Animals

Kitty Classic: New York, New York: Tier II: Prize Money: $22,350 US: Hardcourt Outdoors

1. Martina Hingis
2. Venus Williams
3. Jennifer Capriati
4. Lindsay Davenport
5. Jelena Dokic
6. Paolo Suarez
7. Angela Haynes
8. Barbara Schwartz
9. Elena Dementieva
10. Marion Bartoli
11. Chanda Rubin
12. Mary Pierce
13. Serena Williams
14. BYE
15. BYE
16. BYE

Puppy Pooch Championship: Riga, Latvia: Tier II: Prize Money: $24,500 US: Hardcourt Outdoors

1. Silvia Farina Elia
2. Kim Clijsters
3. Amelie Mauresmo
4. Daniela Hantuchova
5. Maria Sharapova
6. Flavia Pennetta
7. Elena Baltacha
8. BYE

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: September 14th

Week of September 22nd: Theme: Clothing Companies

GAP Championship: Toronto, Canada: Tier I: Prize Money: $72,799 US: Hardcourt Outdoors

1. Martina Hingis
2. Venus Williams
3. Chanda Rubin
4. Silvia Farina Elia
5. Amelie Mauresmo
6. Lindsay Davenport
7. Serena Williams
8. Flavia Pennetta
9. Jelena Dokic
10. Elena Baltacha
11. Angela Haynes
12. Elena Dementieva
13. Barbara Schwartz
14. Jennifer Capriati
15. Kim Clijsters
16. Vera Zvonareva
25. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player
26. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player
27. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player
28. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player
29. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player
30. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player
31. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player
32. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player

Roots Classic: Quebec, Canada: Tier III: $4,200 US: Hardcourt Outdoors

1. Paola Suarez
2. Marion Bartoli
3. Mary Pierce
4. Daniela Hantuchova
5. Monica Seles
7. BYE/WC/Tour Player
8. BYE/WC/Tour Player

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: September 21st

Week of September 29th: Theme: Books

Harry Potter Championship: London, England: Tier II: Prize Money: $36,000 US: Hardcourt Outdoors

1. Silvia Farina Elia
2. Amelie Mauresmo
3. Lindsay Davenport
4. Serena Williams
5. Flavia Pennetta
6. Elena Baltacha
7. Chanda Rubin
8. Venus Williams
9. Kim Clijsters
10. Vera Zvonareva
11. Jennifer Capriati
13. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player
14. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player
15. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player
16. BYE/WC/Qualifier/Tour Player

The Babysitter's Club Classic: Nice, France: Tier III: Prize Money: $22,000 US: Hardcourt Outdoors

1. Martina Hingis
2. Paola Suarez
3. Angela Haynes
4. Barbara Schwartz
5. Elena Dementieva
6. Maria Sharapova
7. Mary Pierce
8. Ashley Harkleroad

Tournament Full

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Cup: Moscow, Russia: Tier III: Prize Money: $12,000: Hardcourt Outdoors

1. Jelena Dokic
2. Daniela Hantuchova
3. Anna Pistolesi
4. Monica Seles
7. BYE/WC/Tour Player
8. BYE/WC/Tour Player

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: September 28th

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Thank You!

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