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USO R4: Angelique Kerber vs Sara Errani

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very exciting match :bounce:
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Well, I guess i should be ranting about, being it my two faves of the season.

Kerber is no where near the player she was in the beggining of the year.
she's much less aggressive, explosive and her risks are emotionally based rather than constructive

Sara got used to girls missing so much on tour due to lack of athleticism, fitness or sheer bad technique.

i expect a bad match from two girls who slowly turned thier respective years into "wait for the error" modes, for the larger part.

sara is better at this, emotionally stable, fitter and can play her game all day long.
Kerber can hit winners.

no matter who wins, i'll be bummed, except the "I told you" part, regarding them meeting in the fourth round, after looking at the draw.
they are the most consistent players this year and they didn't let me down.

Kerber has a bigger chance to reach the finals, of course, but if Sara wins, i can celebrate her YEC status, and declare Smashnova could have been top5 today, seeing who her opponents were in her prime years, and the shit the tour is in at the moment in contrast.
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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