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US Open QWC Playoff - (US Open National Playoff)

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Dates: August 17th - 20th
Venue: New Haven, CT at Yale University


Entry List:

Stephanie Vlad
Sandra Roma
Nina Kukharchuk
Anna Mamalat
Mayo Hibi
Magda Okruashvili
Jan Abaza
Peggy Porter
Giuliana Olmos
Nyla Beenk
Mary Weatherholt
Alexandra Mueller
Natalie Pluskota

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are these players even ranked? or recreational collegiate players?
Mueller is top 500 (noticed her when playing with and against Glushko last month), so obviously Hibi is there too.
Was a bit surprised to find out that the former is 24 and the latter is only 16!

The results of the young Japanese definitely show promise and a top 100 potential.
ricanpuigfan said:
I think Alexandra Mueller has a shot. It should be interesting. Has any player that has won this qualifying gone on to qualify for the open?
Good call :yeah: and I'd also like to know the answer to this question.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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