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US Open Fashion Thread...

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Please post them in here please... Thanks

I start with Anna

It might be plain on everybody else, but always an A+ if Ana wears it.
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Thanks for these! BTW all shades of blue actually go with each other well. Shades within one colour range tend to match well. I think Jelena's outfits are lovely.
I think this is the best collection of women's outfits that I have seen all year. Obviously there are some duds like the old Fila outfits still hanging around and that horrible frilly thing on Dani and Maria's dresses, but all in all I would give the Open a 9/10 fashion-wise.

If I have to sinlge out one look it would have to be Amelie, she looks absolutely amazing, stunning. The colour and cut suit her completely.
1 - 2 of 140 Posts
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