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US Open Fashion Thread...

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Please post them in here please... Thanks

I start with Anna

It might be plain on everybody else, but always an A+ if Ana wears it.
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all shades of the same color do not necessarily go together [esp in that first pic of jelena]

the top in the first pic is real nice thou
go hingis said:
One more thing. This morning the commentators where saying how Maria Sharapova helps design her outfits, Daniela Hantuchova has also said this in the past. Arn't they wearing the same outfit in different colours. I have never seen them wear exclusive outfits (maybe dani's black cocktail dress) they are usually wearing outfits that other players are wearing too. Do they have any say in the designs? Do players who have no interest or not big enough names where designs other players have designed for their sponsor? do my questions make sense, i'm having trouble expressing my thoughts?
dani had a wimby outfit that no one else wore.
im surprised they just didnt change the color on that one and have her wear it here.
Ilhame said:
Jen's dress is the ugliest dress I've ever seen.

I like the rest, especially Barna's outfit.

btw is Myskina wearing Nike? Since when?

since before birmingham, i believe

its upsetting, i know :(

she looked so good in pumas bright colors
1 - 3 of 140 Posts
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