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Justine should better watch out!!! Qualifier in first round. Kapros is in the 2nd round of qualification ;)

Too bad Justine and Venus are at the same side :sad: Hoping for a Justine/Venus vs. Amelie final. Justine's draw is comfortably easy untill the semis.
Kim has maybe got Sprem or Harkleroad in 4th round. Dangerous floaters. And Amelie is also VERY dangerous on HC. Look at what happened last year.
Venus has Jennifer, Elena D or Maria S in the quarters. Els got Lindsay in R1 :mad: I'm hoping for Nadia to get to the 4th round or maybe the quarters or semis.

I'm a bit upset about my dreamfinal not being possible. But yeah ... It's still good too in the semi.
1 - 1 of 76 Posts
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