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I went away for the weekend and then just got lazy about posting. Since most of my pictures are of the junior players that played, I will post them in the junior section and the picture section of the website.

As for WTA matches, I did catch the Capriati match which, of course, was awesome. Too far away to take pictures. During the day, I saw Kutnetzova on the grounds and watched a couple of doubles matches. Myriam Casanova should be nicknamed "Tank." She is soooo thick.

Was very interesting to watch some of the juniors who are also pros. The Baker v. Ivanovic match obviously was disappointing for Baker. She started off the match destroying Ivanovic. Then Invanovic picked up her game and Baker couldn't finish her off. Ivanovic is almost as big as Baker, so she was able to stay with her.

Watching Betthanie Mattek makes me a little embarrased. I feel like she is the classic case of too much overconfidence. She has bulked up considerably and now walks like a man. She also has this swagger about her. Why? What has she done to do this? She had her SFX "friend" cheering her on during the match against Bondarenko. Mattek should NOT have turned pro. Avants shouldn't have either.

Avants barely beat Peng. It was great watching the two girls hit off both sides. Very evenly played match.

I didn't think Krajicek was that impressive, although she clearly keeps winning. She has a huge windup that I don't think will be conducive to the pro game. But she is not overpowering. Flipkens is solid, but also not overwhelming.

The best outfit of the day goes to Golovin. She is a good player. But she had on a skirt that was waaaay low.

I think Ancic is cute and a good player. She took out Ko. But Ancic was exhausted for the second match in the day vs. Flipkens.


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