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Dear PAW players,

this is a very important thread to keep our favourite WTAWORLD game PAW alive.
As you might have discovered sandg is quite busy ATM and far behind with the LT in Berlin and also the rankings.
sandg has done such a wonderful service over the years that I wonder where he took all this energy from and how he found time for running so many events, but it seems it's getting tougher and tougher for him to manage week-in, week-out.

Running PAW tournaments is a hard job that isn't done in five minutes. You have to spend a few hours, espacially in the first days of big tournaments, to present an updated LT and scoring points (which is much less work BTW) in time.
When I see some posters who are SOOO impatient and complain about the "laziness" of the runner (yes, I read something like that once) I could get very angry.

Some of the other guys and me who have run a lot of tournaments (though I must admit I couldn't run events lately) - feeling deeply connected to the game - see that we are reaching a limit that cannot be surpassed without a collpase for this beautiful game.
We are currently discussing methods to make this game more manageable in another thread right in this sub-forum, but even with those changes we need more players willing to give back something to the game.

I know that picking one's picks every day is a nice routine and running events might be more work but what do you prefer: continuing to play a great game or possibly having to stop the game because it is not manageable any longer for just a few guys willing to do the job? I HOPE and think you prefer the first option.
Remember the FedCup which we could only run thanx to a very late decision of somebody willing to do the load of work. Do you want uncertainess like that on a regular basis? I can't imagine so...

Anybody who has a bit of time left (holidays, easy periods at school/university etc.) should consider trying to run a tournament once, probably a small one. The "old" managers will help you for sure, but we really, really need more support to keep this game as good as now (or probably to make it as good as before).
You can commit as a manager in sandg's sticky thread about "PAW management 2007" right in this sub-forum.

Thanx for reading this

crazillo (+ the other managers who think the same I guess) :cool:

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great post crazillo :yeah:
this is a wake up call for all of us so hopefully we get some more volunteers!
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