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Unlikely people who are having great careers

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I can think of Alexander Dupuis of france who didn't start playing tennis until he was 18. Also Celine Beigbeder who was a secretary and now is in the top 100 after only starting this year.rossana de los rios after taking 2 years off to have a baby. Can you all think of anyone else?
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Nicole Pratt, Angeles Motolio, Eva Bes and Meilen Tu probabally all have had the best year in their careers.

I have said constantly that I think it's great that in this day of power tennis, the above mentioned players have been able to find success.
Tauziat's year has been incredible also. Particularly when you consider that she didn't become a serve and volleyer until very late in her career (1998?).
seles. she has only played tennis one year? or been on tour 1 year?

<br />alexander is amazing!
I don't think Meilen Tu fits in this category. She was extremely successful at the Junior Circuit, but she has not lived up to her expectations/potential yet. I hope next season will be much better.
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