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(Trans World Sport may be televised in other countries, but the details in this message are specific to the UK.)

There are three points from the Indian Wells final between Maria Sharapova and Elena Dementieva in this week's Trans World Sport, which is repeated with sign-language at 4:10am BST on {Wednesday night/Thursday morning} on Channel 4.

The tennis was 13 minutes into Sunday's broadcast of Trans World Sport, so I recommend 4:22am as a safe start-time for timer-record.

The points they showed:

* Dementieva serving 0-0 (ad Maria): Maria hit a backhand down the line to set up a forehand winner down the other line.

* Maria serving 6-1 4-2 (ad Maria): In a gripping rally, Dementieva hit an aggressive crosscourt forehand, forcing a short forehand from Maria; Dementieva approached the net behind a down-the-line forehand, but Maria came up with a perfectly-flighted backhand lob-winner - who says she's one-dimensional? :mad:

Female TWS presenter: "Dementieva struggles to cope with Sharapova's superior stamina and shotmaking-ability."

* Dementieva serving 1-6 2-5 (30/40): Dementieva hit a weak serve, Maria a short forehand return down the middle, and Dementieva netted a backhand.

Maria's celebration was so cute: she let out a long, high-pitched "Yeah!" and raised her arms in triumph.

Dr. Andrew Broad
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