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U.S. Open Withdrawal

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And now for that worst time of the tennis year- the couple of weeks after the U.S. Open ends and there's no more major tennis, and you can't wait until the indoor season starts and is televised- UGH! :(
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I know :sad:
Speak for yourself if you think it's withdrawal -- I think it's a well-deserved break! ;) Especially after this year's Open when it seemed everyone was in a bad mood about something, even today.

Besides, if you follow both tours you'd know that DC semis are around the corner and will bridge the gap between the US Open and the Asian hardcourt season, which will lead into the indoor season in Europe.

With the men at least, it's easy :)
I totally immersed myself into this tournament. For the most part, I enjoyed it thoroughly, more than any other major this year. So, instead of the heavy sense of withdrawal I sometimes feel, I'm reflecting on all the great and not so great moments I got to see on TV.

I still sympathize with you and hope you weather the storm until the indoor season. ;)
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