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Or problem with the court. Or a riot.
u r winner))

net belt (you know, that stuff that s holding the net in the middle of it) has been broken by powerful girls' hitting)) and no Polish court workers could fix it. So supervisor, Head Referree and umpire was fixing it.

20 Posts
I hardly woke up to breakfast...It was a real test yesterday, I mean 13 hours of tennis))

Vesna started well and served well, finishing almost every pt with a winner. Minella saved many breakpoints to loose a set only 3-6. In the 2nd set Vesna continued to play the same style, but experienced Minella began to level this match. She served well also, and added some agressive returns to her game. Point by point, Mandy managed to make Dolonc nervious. She dominated in TB totally and went for 3rd set full of confidence.
In the 1st game of 3rd set Minella has fought back 3-4 BP, after that she s got the momentum and destroyed Dolonc agressive play into pieces))

The match has begun from funny case, when net belt had been broken by smbd's pwrful shot. It took a few time (about 20 minutes) to fix it out.
Cornet had no signs of injury, so it was really unusual how she managed not to have any breakpoint during all the match. Schmiddy was playing solid with her groundstrokes, and was resisting trademark hysterical character of Cornet very well.
After string of hysterical yells, French gave up fighting at all, AFAIR at 46 04.

Neverending match that made me vomitting :)) Both sides seemed to play forever and ever and ever, trading errors and winners by streaks. 5-3 Peer....5-7....4-0 Peer ....4-5...and so on.
There was full house in Spodek Arena, but becoz of nor Peer neither Piro. They all went for Radwanskas-Frytka-Matka friendly mixed doubles...and all were bound to vomit with me about 3 hours ))

Majo wasted 3 MP at 4*-5 in the 2nd set. In that moments Begu played superbly, hitting BH DTL three times in a row! It was a closest match, but Romanian's mental abilities were a little bit stronger.

Another close match. Cepelova led with early breakm but then slopped into 2-5*. MEC did not served for the seteasily and visibly showed signs of fatigue. Cepelova used this knowledge)) and started playing "just make another ball" style. Nevertheless Camerin was fighting like a wounded tiger and made Cepelova to surrend at TB.
2nd set started from medical TO of Camerin (arm) , but obviously it was just a delay of the game becoz of getting tired. Experienced Italian for a little time was faking an injury, that made younger opponent get out of right way. Cepelova started to hit ball much harder than she should , thinking about pseudo-injury of MEC.
As a result of fighting and mental abilities of Italian, she won in 2 sets and another granny has been entered in 2nd round

Its a pity that I managed to see young Polish when she is comletely out of form. Even Kanepi, who has not played since early 2010th :), swept her off court. Unexperinced Zaniewska was trying to use complicated combinations, which must be used only if u at 100% fit for a long time, but not in this casem when you ar just off hospital))

Good solid performance from Kiki. A lot of winners, especially from FH, good serve and about 1 hour to win. Arruabarena showed poor defence skills since last time I ve seen her in play. May be she wants to be attacker now ?:))

Goerges did not want to win anyway, becoz of friendship with American granny. Lazy shots, poor movements and so on...And when granny continued to fight and fought back 99 breakpoints at 1-3* in the last set, beautiful Julia watched onto watches, that showed 11.59 p.m. and decided to go to bar :))
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