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Ok, I'm too mad right now but I'll try to say something. Forgive me if I'm too harsh.

I just wanna say that I'm tired of these things. Everyone in that room knew I deserved those points. Alx knew it but of course he left coz he was afraid of Anabel.

ILT also knew I deserved the point, and he even said 4-0, but he changed his mind because of Anabel again. Everyone knew I was right, but they didn't care. Fine.

I'm not playing this stupid game any longer. It makes no sense, whe have arguments ALWAYS. I can't fancy TTT if we fight whenever Anabel creates new rules.

As you can see, ITTTF link is not in my signature, I have deleted it coz now it's useless for me.

That was all I had to say. I'm really sorry

C ya
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