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Hey guys,if you were interested, TTT stands for "Tennis Trivia Tour",which was started 1 year ago on the Sanex Board.Unlike other games ,this is NOT a points game.

Here are the rules
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*All players meet up in a chat room at a fixed time.

*Two players play a match.You are asked a tennis question ,(Eg. Who won US Open 2001?) .The 1st person who gives the correct answer gets ONE point.

*The 1st person who gets to 6 points wins a set.

*The 1st person who wins 2 sets ,wins the match,just as in the real WTA.

*Matches have the drama and excitement of the real life matches we see.


If you're a tennis freak and know any tennis results you should do well in this game.
To play a tournament,you must sign up in the SIGN UP THREADS in the Games forum.
Click <a href="">HERE</a> to sign up for Sydney.

If you've missed Sydney,dont worry, catch the sign up thread for the Australian Open next week,in the games forum.

Wishing you all the best of luck!!!
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