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<font color=orange size=7>The 01' TTT Awards</font>

Hi TTT players. TTT will be out its Awards soon and for that it needs your co-operation.

As in the middle season awards, YOU will be who decide who get the awads.

Only 3 weeks left for the end of the 2001 season:

Next week : Moscow & Filderstad (D) / Linz & Luxemburg (S)

Next week: Zurich & Munich (D) / Munich (S)

At finally: Pattaya (S) & Continental Cup

So we must be preparing the awards from now on.

<font color=pink size=3>How will be developed the votings?</font>

I will open a thread at the begin of the next week, called: "TTT End of season awards - You chose the finalists."

There you will have to vote for 5 players in each category ( you CAN'T vote yourself for any of the categories). <br />I will close this thread after both Masters, so you have time enough to decide your picks and for make changes at the last minute ( as there will be some tournaments still playing). <br />The 3 players whit more votes in each category will be the <font color=celeste>finalists</font> for the awards, so each award will have 3 finalists.

i will post a thread with the finalists in the board. Then you will have to chose ONE and the player with more votes will be the TTT award winner.

But, and this is important, You have not to put your vote for the winner in the board, you will have to send your vote by email to the TTT Email, so no one will know who are the winners untill the last moment.

You only have 5 days for the second voting, as i will post the finalist the monday after the Master and i will close the voting the saturday at 5.00 / 11.00 just before the CC and pattaya.

The winners will be anounced after the CC & Pattaya final, but don't worry if you are not in the chat at that time, i will post the winners in the board & in the TTT Web site.

I know my english is horrible so if u have any dudes you can ask me about them during the TTT Tournaments or by email.

Now i will refresh your minds posting the Middle season awards winners. They were:

<font color=gold size=3><br />Come back kid award : KRIS

Most argued player award: ANABEL ( i dont want this award again!! <img src="tongue.gif" border="0"> )

Funniest player award: TOT

Best up and Coming start award: PETOSP

Best Stats recorder award: ANABEL

Worst Umpire award: CANIGETAWHAT

Best Umpire award: ILT

Most Unfair player award: CANIGETAWHAT

Mentally Strongest player award: RANDY

Best Rivals award: ALX vs. ANABEL

Nicest Player award: ALX

Best Fair Player award: TC

Best new commer award: CAZ

Best Contender award: CAZ

Best player award: ANABEL </font>

Now here we have the categories for the next awards:<br /><font color=hotblue size=3>

Come back kid award

Most argued player award

Funniest player award

Best up and Coming start award

Best Stats recorder award

Worst Umpire award

Best Umpire award

Most Unfair player award

Mentally Strongest player award

Best Rivals award

Nicest Player award

Best Fair Player award

Best new commer award

Best Contender award

Best player award

Best doubles player award

Best doubles team award

Best match award

Best doubles match award

Best tournament award

Best come back award


Honorary special award ( which will be otorged by the creators of TTT )</font>

Thanks for your time to read all this <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> and remember, the TTT awards need your cooperation!!

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1 KRIS<br />2 PAUL<br />3 TC<br />4 JACS<br />5 ANABEL<br />6 CAZ<br />7 ALX<br />8 BECOOL<br />9 TC<br />10 ALX.V.RANDY<br />11 ANABEL<br />12 TC<br />13 JACS<br />14 TOT<br />15 ALX<br />16 CAZ<br />17 ALX/SONFO<br />18 INDIAN WELLS FINALE ALX.V.ANABEL<br />19 EASTBOURNE FINAL STEVEN/PAUL.V.SONFO/BECOOL<br />20 TORONTO<br />21 -

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I hope I win a/n award!

If anything, it will be Most Argued player. I've played only 2 months now, and in every match I've had an argument with the umpire <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

That, or worst umpire

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Just a doubt :<br />I am unfair??
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