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[TS3] Player Info

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List of Players:

Cara - D. Safina (RUS)
Gamertag: Vashtan

Renalicious - A. Rezai (FRA)
Gamertag: jFND90

Mikey. - S. Lisicki (GER)
Gamertag: dikeymikey

youizahoe - Y. Wickmayer (BEL)
Gamertag: iGlennn

Ciarán - T. Paszek (AUT)
Gamertag: EuphoricTorture

F-R-E-A-K - A. Ivanovic (RUS)
Gamertag: GSDAPV

darkchild - M. Bartoli (FRA)
Gamertag: picachu211

Bezz - M. Hingis (SUI)
Gamertag: Tennis Bezz

Northern_Lad - A. Radwanska (POL)
Gamertag: BagpipeDisaster

Justin425 - P. Kvitova (CZE)
Gamertag: slimj0425

Summon - M. Sharapova (RUS)
Gamertag: MariaCroft

dmg100 - V. Williams (USA)
Gamertag: DMG100

fOxYLiCiOuS - M. Pierce (FRA)
Gamertag: GSDAPV

Slutiana - H. Watson (GBR)
Gamertag: Tumaini

reetard - S. Williams (USA)
Gamertag: badman2112

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I have created Bovina & Ivanovic. :D I'm not sure who I am using just yet. ;)
Pick one :armed: I'm adding something to the rules about that.
I think I'll be using Stevenson. Groenefeld is too fat and slow.
Changing it back ;)
No keep Groenefeld. I changed my mind again. :eek:
I DIE. :sobbing:

If anyone else would like their names in the list, just post your details please :)
Please don't my add my gamertag as a friend because it's my brother's. :) Thanks.
Same. I borrow my brother's too :sobbing: but I will accept you if you add me.
Wait, wait, wait.... we can use two players after the Australian Open?
Well, yes, but not in the same tournament :) It's like a Major character and a Minor Character, because we are also having Tier II tournaments.
hey cara, not to be a pain in the ass, but i'd like to retire dementieva and play as lucie safarova from now on. :hysteric:
:cheer: No drama.
Question: is reetard banned forever :confused:
He is unbanned on April 4th.
Any new changes before clay? :sobbing: Davenport?

Big bad bitch broke her old racket a couple of months ago, and wasn't just able to afford a new one until this week. She will be joining the tour soon, but she is grossly obese and unfit now.
:woohoo: :woohoo:

The bitch is back!
Paszek back. Hopefully Michael will sign up soon too :p
:banana: Ajde.
How do i sign up for this? Can I reserve Jennifer Capriati?

You're in :D
If I switch back to Kvitova can I keep my rome points? I've only played one match with Amanmuradov and I think Dementieva got her points back when she changed from Safarova back to Dementieva. If yes then Id like to switch back to Kvitova.
I wonder why 5 of the 6 people left the tour.
Justin beating them down :eek:
all the draw will start from the quarters since there's only eight of us :sad:

who do they think they are not playing full time :lol:
ikr :crying2: we started the year pretty well.
I have done twice :weirdo: for Miami and then Madrid.
1 - 17 of 62 Posts
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