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[TS3] Player Info

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List of Players:

Cara - D. Safina (RUS)
Gamertag: Vashtan

Renalicious - A. Rezai (FRA)
Gamertag: jFND90

Mikey. - S. Lisicki (GER)
Gamertag: dikeymikey

youizahoe - Y. Wickmayer (BEL)
Gamertag: iGlennn

Ciarán - T. Paszek (AUT)
Gamertag: EuphoricTorture

F-R-E-A-K - A. Ivanovic (RUS)
Gamertag: GSDAPV

darkchild - M. Bartoli (FRA)
Gamertag: picachu211

Bezz - M. Hingis (SUI)
Gamertag: Tennis Bezz

Northern_Lad - A. Radwanska (POL)
Gamertag: BagpipeDisaster

Justin425 - P. Kvitova (CZE)
Gamertag: slimj0425

Summon - M. Sharapova (RUS)
Gamertag: MariaCroft

dmg100 - V. Williams (USA)
Gamertag: DMG100

fOxYLiCiOuS - M. Pierce (FRA)
Gamertag: GSDAPV

Slutiana - H. Watson (GBR)
Gamertag: Tumaini

reetard - S. Williams (USA)
Gamertag: badman2112

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Just created a Groenefeld so I might play with her instead of Stevenson. Im going to test her out right now.
I think I'll be using Stevenson. Groenefeld is too fat and slow.
After the AO we get tow use two characters right? If so 'd like to reserve Safarova as my 2nd character.
If I switch back to Kvitova can I keep my rome points? I've only played one match with Amanmuradov and I think Dementieva got her points back when she changed from Safarova back to Dementieva. If yes then Id like to switch back to Kvitova.
1 - 7 of 62 Posts
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