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[TS3] Head To Head

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Dinara Safina (RUS)
vs. [B]Anna Lena Groenefeld[/B] [B]0-3[/B]
Australian Open QFs - [COLOR=Red]3-6 3-6[/COLOR]
Dubia SF - [COLOR=Red]3-6 2-6[/COLOR]
Indian Wells F - [COLOR=Red]6-7 6-7[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Mary Pierce[/B] 1-0
Australian Open R1 - [COLOR=Blue]7-6 6-4[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Jelena Jankovic[/B] 1-1
Dubia QF - [COLOR=Red]6-7[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]6-4 6-4[/COLOR]
Miami QF - [COLOR=Red]4-6[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]6-3[/COLOR][COLOR=Red] 3-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Kim Clijsters[/B] 1-0
Indian Wells QF - [COLOR=Red]4-6[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]6-3 7-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Maria Sharapova[/B] 1-0
Indian Wells SF - [COLOR=Blue]7-6 7-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Sabine Lisicki[/B] 1-0
Rome QF - [COLOR=Blue]7-6 7-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Petra Kvitova[/B] 0-1
Rome SF -  [COLOR=Blue]7-6[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]1-6 4-6[/COLOR]
Martina Hingis (SUI)
vs. [B]Venus Williams[/B] 1-0
Australian Open R1 - [COLOR=Blue]6-1 6-0[/COLOR]

vs. Heather Watson 0-1
Miami R1 - [COLOR=Red]2-6 1-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B] Petra Kvitova[/B] 0-1
Rome QF - [COLOR=Red]0-6 0-6[/COLOR]
Venus Williams (USA)

 vs. [B]Heather Watson[/B] 2-0
Rome SF - [COLOR=DarkRed][COLOR=Red]4-6[/COLOR] [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]7-6 6-4[/COLOR]
Madrid SF - [COLOR=Blue]7-6 6-4

[/COLOR]vs [B]Sabine Lisicki[/B] 0-2
Madrid F - [COLOR=Red]6-7 6-7
[/COLOR][FONT=Georgia]RG F: [COLOR=Blue]7-5[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]4-6 6-7[/COLOR][/FONT]
Eastbourne SF - [COLOR=Blue]7-6 [COLOR=Red]6-7[/COLOR] 7-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Maria Sharapova[/B] 1-0
Rome QF - [COLOR=Blue]6-3 6-1[/COLOR]

vs [B]Petra Kvitova[/B] 1-1
Rome F - [COLOR=Red]6-7 6-7[/COLOR]
Wimbledon F - [COLOR=Blue]7-6 7-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Elena Dementieva[/B] 1-0
RG QF - [COLOR=Blue]6-2 6-1[/COLOR]

Agnieszka Radwanska
 vs. [B]Venus Williams[/B] 0-1
  Eastbourne R1 -[COLOR=Red] 1-6 0-6[/COLOR]
Petra Kvitova (CZE)
 vs [B]Martina Hingis[/B] 1-0
Rome R1 - [COLOR=Blue]6-0 6-0

[/COLOR]vs. [B]Jelena Jankovic[/B] 1-0
Rome QF - [COLOR=Blue]6-0 6-1[/COLOR] 

vs. [B]Heather Watson[/B] 2-0
Eastbourne SF - [COLOR=Blue]6-4 6-2[/COLOR] 
Wimbledon QF - [COLOR=Blue]7-5 6-2[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Venus Williams[/B] 1-1
Rome F - [COLOR=Blue]7-6 7-6[/COLOR]
Wimbledon F - [COLOR=Red]6-7 6-7[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Dinara Safina[/B] 1-0
Rome SF -  [COLOR=Red]6-7[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]6-1 6-4[/COLOR]
Jelena Jankovic (SRB)
vs. [B]Dinara Safina[/B] 1-1
Dubia QF - [COLOR=Blue]7-6[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]4-6 4-6[/COLOR]
Miami QF - [COLOR=Blue]6-4[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]3-6[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]6-3[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Anna Chakvetadze[/B] 0-1
Miami SF - [COLOR=Red]4-6 4-6[/COLOR]

vs [B]Anna-Lena Gronefeld[/B] 0-1
Indian Wells QF - [COLOR=Red]4-6 2-6[/COLOR] 

vs [B]Sabine Lisicki [/B]0-1
Madrid QF - [COLOR=Red]5-7 5-7[/COLOR]

vs [B]Jennifer Capriati[/B] 0-1
RG QF - [COLOR=Red]4-6 3-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Petra Kvitova [/B]0-1
Rome QF - [COLOR=Red]0-6 1-6[/COLOR]
Ana Ivanovic (SRB)
vs. [B]Anna-Lena Groenefeld[/B] 0-1
Australian Open SFs - [COLOR=Red]3-6 3-6[/COLOR]

vs [B]Anna Chakvetadze[/B] 0-1
Indian Wells QF - [COLOR=Red]0-4 ret.[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Yanina Wickmayer[/B] 0-1
Dubia QF - [COLOR=Red]6-7[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]6-1[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]3-6[/COLOR]
Maria Sharapova (RUS)
vs. [B]Kim Clijsters[/B] 1-0
Australian Open QFs - [COLOR=Blue]6-4[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]6-7[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]7-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Anna Lena Groenefeld[/B] 0-1
Australian Open F - [COLOR=Red]5-7 5-7[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Anna Chakvetadze[/B] 0-1
Paris Indoors SF - [COLOR=Red]2-6 2-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Dinara Safina[/B] 0-1
Indian Wells SF - [COLOR=Red]6-7 6-7[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Lucie Safarova[/B] 1-0
Miami QF - [COLOR=Blue]6-3 7-5[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Heather Watson[/B] 0-1
Madrid QF - [COLOR=Red]6-7 ret.[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Venus Williams[/B] 0-1
Rome QF - [COLOR=Red]3-6 1-6[/COLOR]
Mary Pierce (FRA)
vs. [B]Dinara Safina[/B] 0-1
Australian Open R1 - [COLOR=Red]6-7 4-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Venus Williams[/B] 1-0
Dubia QF - [COLOR=blue]6-3 6-1[/COLOR]

vs. Yanina Wickmayer 0-1
Dubia SF - [COLOR=Blue]7-5[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]4-6 4-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Anna Chakvetadze[/B] 0-1
Indian Wells R1 - [COLOR=Red]4-6 4-6[/COLOR]
Yanina Wickmayer (BEL)
vs. [B]Ana Ivanovic[/B] 1-0
Dubia QF - [COLOR=Blue]7-6[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]1-6[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]6-3[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Mary Pierce[/B] 1-0
Dubia SF - [COLOR=Red]5-7[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]6-4 6-4[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Anna-Lena Grönefeld[/B] 0-1
Dubia F - [COLOR=Red]2-6 3-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Anna Chakvetadze[/B] 0-1
Miami QF -  [COLOR=Red]5-7 3-6[/COLOR]
Heather Watson (GBR)
vs. [B]Sabine Lisicki[/B] 1-1
Miami Qualification - [COLOR=Blue]6-4[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]4-6[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]6-4[/COLOR]
RG QF - [COLOR=Red]3-6 [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]6-3 [/COLOR][COLOR=Red]0-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Anna-Lena Groenefeld[/B] 0-1
Miami QF - [COLOR=Red]1-6 1-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Maria Sharapova[/B] 1-0
Madrid QF - [COLOR=Blue]7-6 ret.[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Venus Williams[/B] 0-2
Rome SF - [COLOR=Blue]6-4[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]6-7 4-6[/COLOR]
Madrid SF - [COLOR=Red]6-7 4-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Petra Kvitova[/B] 0-2
Miami R1 -[COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Red]4-6 2-6[/COLOR]
[/COLOR]Wimbledon QF -[COLOR=Red] 5-7 2-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Martina Hingis[/B] 1-0
Miami R1 - [COLOR=Blue]6-2 6-1

[/COLOR]vs. [B]Aravane Rezai[/B] 1-0
Cincinnati QF - [COLOR=Blue]7-6 6-4
Sabine Lisicki (GER)
vs. [B]Heather Watson[/B] 1-1
Miami Qualification - [COLOR=Red]4-6[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]6-3[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]4-6[/COLOR]
RG QF - [COLOR=Blue]6-3 [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Red]3-6[/COLOR] [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]6-0[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Dinara Safina[/B] 0-1
Rome QF - [COLOR=Red]6-7 6-7[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Petra Kvitova[/B] 0-1
Rome QF - [COLOR=Red]6-7 [COLOR=Blue]6-4 [/COLOR]3-6[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Jelena Jankovic[/B] 1-0
Madrid QF - [COLOR=Blue]7-5 7-5[/COLOR]

vs. [B]Elena Dementieva[/B] 1-0
Madrid SF -[COLOR=Blue] 6-3 6-4[/COLOR]

vs [B]Venus Williams[/B] 2-1
Madrid F - [COLOR=Blue]7-6 7-6[/COLOR]
RG F:  [COLOR=Red]5-7 [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]6-4 7-6[/COLOR]
Eastbourne SF:  [COLOR=Red]6-7 [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]7-6 [COLOR=Red]6-7[/COLOR][/COLOR]

vs [B]Serena Williams[/B] 1-0
RG SF - [COLOR=Red]6-7[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]7-6 6-4[/COLOR]
Serena Williams (USA)
vs [B]Sabine Lisicki[/B] 0-1
 RG SF - [COLOR=Red][COLOR=Blue]7-6 [COLOR=Red]6-7 4-6[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
Aravane Rezai (FRA)
vs [B]Heather Watson[/B] 0-1
 Cincinnati QF - [COLOR=Red][COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Red]6-7 4-6[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
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Re: [TS3] Head To Head + Hall of Fame

Exo h2hs please :angel:
I was thinking about it :hysteric: but since people are using multiple characters I'm not sure how it would work.
Re: [TS3] Head To Head + Hall of Fame

Ciarán def. x
Paszek vs Hingis
Paszek vs Clijsters

Time to go trolling through the old pages :armed:
Re: [TS3] Head To Head + Hall of Fame

I thought we agreed to this. :p
I think so too :angel: Anything in a tournament will count.
Re: [TS3] Head To Head + Hall of Fame

Updated :inlove:
Re: [TS3] Head To Head + Hall of Fame

Gosh Justin :tears: Patience.
Sorry :hysteric: Totally skipped Rome it seems. I'm a huge bint.
dementieva's only played in one main draw match :hearts:

it's probably better that way. i've one like one match that wasn't a walkover. :tears:
:bigcry: :hug:
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