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(1) Clijsters - bye

Black v Nagyova

Pisnik v Pennetta

Matevzic v (8) Srebotnik

(3) Mauresmo v Bartoli :mad: :( why?

Suarez v Grande :mad: :( why?

Ruano Pascual v Barna

Krasnoroutskaya v (6) Tulyaganova :( :mad: why?

(5) Petrova v Widjaja - duel between RG Junior champs! :mad: :( why?

Cohen Aloro v Benesova

Cho v Callens :( :mad: why?

Loit v (4) Dementieva

(7) Harkleroad v Weingartner

Cervanova v Krajicek

Koukalova v Pratt

(2) Henin Hardenne - bye

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lina k got a pretty toough draw with iroda up first but if she gets through that match then the next match shouldn't be too hard but then she'll probably play mauresmo. but i think clijsters is easier to beat than henin on grass so being in her half could turn out to be a good thing if she gets that far but she has a long way to go before she gets there.

petrova shouldn't have much trouble until the semis against henin althoughcohen aloro, benesova, cho, callens and dementieva can play quite well on grass but nadia has the better game and those players aren't really in any form that could get by nadia, maybe cuase a little trouble but nadia should be able to pull it out.

i'm really happy with krajicek's draw. a clay player first up and then either harkleroad (who i almost consider a clay player atm) or weingartner. i think they are 2 winnable matches but then again this is her first ever wta tournament so there might be nervs and she might not be able to play at this level yet but i think she will win a match here.
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