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Trophy Collection

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Wow impressive!
Thats an awful lot of trophy's she 's got there!:bounce:
thanks Hoon. great job as usual.;)

More trophies to come!!!!:angel: :bounce: :kiss:
Thats the best thing I have ever seen! :hearts: On two accounts.

1) Well Done Martina! Keep 'em coming. :kiss:
2) Nice work Hoon. :wavey: I LOVE IT! Its so gorgeous, and its shows how great Martina's been.

I cannot express how totally and utterly terrific and wonderful that is. But hopefully you get some idea.
Hoon, i think this is a better pic for the adidas trophy.;)

Martina Hingis of Switzerland raises her trophy after winning the women's final over Meghann Shaughnessy of the United States at the Sydney International tennis tournament in Sydney Saturday, Jan. 12, 2002. Hingis won the match 6-2, 6-3. (AP Photo/Rob Grifftih)
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Hoon :rolleyes:
[email protected]!! Thanks Mr. Hoon!:p
Actually I already did it after last year's Dubai Open, but haven't had a chance to show them up since then ;) I remembered that I had made this collection, found them earlier today and jaz put the Adidas one :)

Glad that you like it destructo gal :kiss:

jorin, I changed the last one to the one you liked :)

What do you mean by rolling eyes, Kinhozinho? :rolleyes:
Thanks Hoon!Wow,4 cars!!
OMG, look at all the porsches!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
the new pic make it even better. :D

Now we're looking to add a 40th. AO 2002!
Martina gave me one of those porsches for my birthday last year!:eek:;)
marlin is speechless. :)
Pfff! You are just jealous because I didn't invite you into it!:p:rolleyes: *martina_fan is jealous*:rolleyes:
:eek: Whatever *Pea is living in a land of dillusions* :p
That's ok Martina_fan!;) Maybe Jorin will have you ride on his camel.:rolleyes: ;)
1 - 20 of 76 Posts
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