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"Trish Horoscopes" Volume#3-Capriati: Fashion In or Out?

Hey Guys! once again this is trish stratus coming to you all from beautyfull Canada with a wonderfully new juicy :drool: column for all you tennis fans...espeacially those silly cappy happy ones! ;)

Tennis...wether it is on the court or off, has always been a fashion concious sport, an event where you can get all jazzed up while hitting some ground strokes or serving an ace. Either way Fashion has and will always remain a vital part of womens lets talk about how Jennifer Capriati fits into all of this.

Capriati... a former teen protigy who could be found skipping along in a fluorecent pink skirt and blue blouse...the springy teen of the early ninetees who often chewed her bubble gum while wasting her competition in blitz-crik like fashion and the same girl who, later on in her late teens, began sporting a almost scary like goth look....lets just say this much about Capriati...she could hit winners a dime a dozen, but fashion??? she had no clue what was going on and what age even she was in...nope Jennifer was a constant fashion flop...until...

Here comes the comeback Queen!!!! Jennifer Capriati winner of three Grand slams, former Miss world #1 tennis player and newly crowned "most improved" women in the tennis world of fashion!
Yep thats right Jennifer has finnally come into her own...hey, after all of those years in the fashion barrel of discarded fabrics wouldnt you want to as well?!? Well anyhow Jennifer fannally started to listen to her inner fashion guru and actually signed on with a credible Clothing giant...Italy's own Fila!

Wow i have to say when i heared that Jennifer had snagged a deal with Fila i was amazed...instead of all that goth black she traded everything in for form fitting sweats and comfortable yet hip track outfits, not to mention a few sexy red and gold numbers to liven things up a notch! Yes jennifer had finnally found her groove and well, what more can i say? she became the most envious woman in the tennis world and arguably one of the best dressed...on and off the court.

Now im not going to say that her career comeback to tennis greatness was solely based on her change in ummm attire...nope hard work and harnessed talent did that but i have to state that while Jennifer won all of her Grand Slams on effort and determination alone... a nice wardrobe and a brilliant smile sure made this fairy tale the perfect package.

So next time someone you know starts berating you on how you look on the court and you feel like telling them EXACTLY where to go ;) ( if you know what i mean) just take a good look at yourself and think... " am i Fashion In or Out??" and if its the later hunny, do what Jennifer did...and pray for a miracle...cause you'll probably need one baby!

Till next time,
Stratusfaction Guaranteed !- Trish Stratus :kiss:
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