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Orkney Open-Tier Three
At the beautiful Orkney Islands

Koala Cup-Tier Two
The second of three events leading up to the Australian open in Scenic Perth

Sydney International-Tier One
Final Warmup before the Australian Open

Australian Open- Grandslam
The first Grand slam of the year.

Womens China Open- Tier Three
Right after the Australian open, in beautiful the beautiful city of Beijing

Rising Sun Championships-Tier two
In the large and friendly city of Tokyo

Korean Cup-Tier One
Korea deserved a tournment so they got one. Players will enjoy Korea.

Nepal Classic-Tier Three
Hosted near the famous Mount Everst

Paris Championships-Tier Two
First of many warmups for the French Open

German Grand Prix-Tier One
Prestigious tournment in which the best will be on hand (hopefully we can get this many people)

Polska Open-Tier-Two
Help in the scenic Warsaw... rumor is the pope will be attending

Spain International Tennis Open-Tier Three
Last event before French open

Roland Garros-Grandslam
Second Grandslam of the year

Eastbourne-Tier Two
Famous Event before Wimbledon

The Championships-Grandslam
Third grandslam of the year.

Fed cup
Early rounds of Fed Cup

Liberty Bell Open-Tier Two
In the home of the Liberty bell and in city of brotherly love.

Evert Cup-Tier Three
Event named in Chris Everts honor.

The Sears Tower Tennis Tournament-Tier Two
Hosted in the sometimes cold but beautiful Chicago area.

The Los Angeles Classic- Tier One
In the beautiful Los Angelas Area leading up to the US Open

U.S. Open-Grandslam
Last Grandslam of the year.

Russian Grand Prix-Tier One
Last chance to gain points for the year ending Championships

Year Ending Chamiponships
Only the best eight will play here.

Fed Cup Finals

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