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Toronto's Mayor, Mel Lastman, has done another bizarre thing.

The Hells Angels biker gang was in Toronto to have an anniversary party.

So, what did Mel Lastman do?

He went down to the hotel supposedly to "check up on the police". (Why would he think THE POLICE needed to be checked up on?)

As one city councillor has pointed out, the mayor should have known better than to go down there.

At the hotel the mayor met with a couple of the Hells Angels. He shook their hands, described them as "nice, polite", and accepted a t-shirt from them.

A photo of this has been widely carried in newpapers and on tv.

Needless to say, our Police Chief (and many other police officers) are not pleased. The Chair of the Police Board also wants to have a chat with the mayor.

Of course, this is the mayor who insulted the people of Mombassa when Toronto was bidding for the Olympics.

Let's not mention the time he publicly threatened to kill a CBC radio reporter ....

Oh, rumour has it Mayor Lastman is determined not to repeat his mistake. When the Pope comes to Toronto in July, Mayor Lastman might make an "is the Pope Catholic" joke, but he will probably refuse to shake the Pope's hand ....

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What's the big deal? The Hell's Angels didn't do anything but come to town. Sounds like you're totally stereotyping the Angels. :rolleyes:
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