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Top Spin 3 Tennis Tour - Chat / Duels Thread

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All the information in the original thread has been transferred over to their respective threads, we now have our forum, let's chat it out :D
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anyone want to play a match??

Anytime! :)

What's your name on playstation network?
Good match, u were awesome on serve, I had to go for all the returns otherwise I would of lost the point anyway :lol:

Shame it ended with me hitting 2 doubles in a row, but oh well :p

Haha yeah... I was serving really well today although my serve has sooo much less points than the other areas of my game, haha.

You were pretty good on your own serve, too. I had to risk all the returns to come near a break point.

Also you don't really give your opponent a rythm. It's either hit or miss mixed with nice touch at the net, which made it so difficult to break your serve ;).

I enjoyed it, a lot!

Anybody else wanna play? :p
I can play, Federerpov.
Cool Slutiana!

What's your name on Playstation Network?
Haha thanks, maybe I should consider playing with someone like Ancic though. :scratch:

Well if you're gonna be on later, I'll play u again, and hopefully this time I play well off the ground. :)

Yeah alright.

I think I'm going to be online for a few hours until early morning haha. It's vacation time ;)
Nice few games we had there :D

IKR :).

Lets repeat it today! Do you want to? :)

What do you think about opening a thread for PS3 players?

Then all the members who play ts3 on the PS3 could gather! :)

Oh and btw, Certinfy have you ever played world tour on the PS3 ?

It somehow doesn't work for me! :(

I'm only able to play a single match but no world tour with ranking system what so ever :(

Do you know anything about that?

C U :)
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Sure :)

Great idea, if we could get a decent amount of people it would be great :D

I've never tried it, I don't think many people even play it anyway. :shrug:

Yes,indeed! :)

So... are there people on here wo play ts3 on the PS3 ?

Anyone wants to play? :D

P.S. : Certinfy could you please try the world tour mode on the PS3 so I can make sure wether it works or not? That would be great ;)!
I'll try it later, I'll also be on a bit later, trying to fix my old PS3 atm. :eek:
Alright! Wanna play today? :)
Sure, just tell me what time you're going to be on...
Hi Certinfy =).

I'm on right now haha so if you wanna play... ;)

I have my Chakvetadze on a bit higher level now haha.

Now I wanna test her against you =P.
@ Playstation users : come visit my thread. It's the new place for PSN-gamers of top spin 3 :).

hope that it can become as establishes as this thread. I'm so jealous of you xbox guys and your community :( lol
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